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  • NeYear 6 latest news

    Published 21/11/22, by Andy Mari

    During these past few weeks, we have been up to a lot of activities inside Year 6! We’ve had our amazing Books & Blankets session where parents were invited to read with us, provided with amazing breakfast foods such as croissants, biscuits, and a hot drink of tea. In addition, we had a Remembrance Service to celebrate the lives of the people who fought in the war and also to mourn the losses of our soldiers. A couple of Year 6s had the chance to speak in front of the whole school for this. Last week we had a Scooter Workshop where we got to participate in amazing tricks such as jumping over ramps and bunny jumps. In class, we have been writing a story related to WW2 called Rose Blanche. We have written an Internal Monologue and have begun to plan and write an ending of our own to the story. During French we completed a French test to try out our French skills in certain subjects: our names (‘Je m'appelle’) and our age (‘J'ai dix ans’) and where we live (‘J’habite a Stevenage’). In History, we began to research dates and subjects to create a timeline on women's suffrage and how they fought for the right to vote. Lastly, in PE, we have been learning how to do archery: how to hold a bow, how to shoot arrows and how to aim correctly.

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  • Do you dare to read?...

    Published 05/11/22, by Andy Mari

    This week, in Year 6, we hosted our very own FRIGHT NIGHT! During this event, the children read their own horror stories to their parents, grandparents and siblings. They had to think about how to perform this to create a scary atmosphere as well as ensuring what they were saying was clear. Thank you to all parents that attended-we hope you enjoyed listening to the scary stories and hat you weren't too scared! 


    At Roebuck, we are horror writers! 

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  • Art in Year 6

    Published 07/10/22, by Andy Mari

    This week in Year 6 Art, we have been learning about macro photography (extreme close up photography). We studied different photographs and attempted to guess what they were. We discussed key terms: saturation, hue and brightness and how we can use these words to form response when discussing art. As partners, we decided what object we would photograph, ensuring that we were thinking carefully about the background and composition. Next lesson, we will be editing our images! 

    At Roebuck, we are photographers! 

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  • Wowkshops in Year 6

    Published 24/09/22, by Andy Mari

    We have been lucky enough to have two wonderful workshops this week in Year 6. On Wednesday we welcomed a circus and we learnt to use different equipment to perform our own skills. The circus man and our teachers helped us out if we were struggling with any activity. We played with juggling balls, a diablo, plate spinning and gravity sticks. The circus performer even showed us some really hard tricks including balancing the stick on his chin whilst the plate was spinning, doing a bunch of 360 turns with the gravity sticks, juggling the balls really high and throwing and catching the diablo whilst doing some cool tricks. We had fun with this experience and loved it!

    We also took part in a World War 2 workshop with an ex-soldier named Carl. He told us all about how the war started and some of the main battles. We then took part in a quiz and held our nerve as bomb experts using a buzzer game. Finally, we finished of the day with some information about some of the weapons before having some marching lessons.

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  • Wicked Waistcoats

    Published 11/09/22, by Andy Mari

    Wow! What a week it has been in Year 6. We have started this year off with waistcoat making! The children have been researching different designs of waistcoats as well as designing, making and evaluating. When making their waistcoats, they had to ensure they cut their material to size as well as sew their pieces of material together using a running stitch. They have also been thinking carefully how they are going to add unique design qualities like, buttons, zips and even collars! Watch the space for the finished looks!

    At Roebuck we are fashion designers! 

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  • The Greatest Show!

    Published 11/07/22, by Andy Mari

    The pupils of Year 6 have been up to some very fun yet challenging tasks these past few weeks in school; however, we only have 2 weeks left at Roebuck Academy and would like to enjoy every second of it. During this term some Year 6’s completed Bikeability Level 1 and 2. To do this they had to be able to ride safely on the playground until they were good enough to go to the next level: the road. Bikeability was enjoyed by every person doing it and some even learnt how to have only one hand on the bike instead of two! While some were doing this activity, others were at school doing something just as exciting in Science: making colour wheels! A thick piece of card was used and a circle was cut out using scissors. Using card, they got some paper and traced the circle from it and cut it out. Then the pupils coloured the paper circle with primary and secondary colours but in 6 equal 60° triangles. After doing all of these steps, some string was used and a sharp pencil to poke two small holes (at least 1cm away) to fit the string in. Finally, the wheel had be spun really fast until a white or peach colour emerged. This happened because our eyes can't keep up with the speed the wheel is moving, so it creates the illusion of the wheel changing colour.

    We have also been practising really hard for our Year 6 production of The Greatest Showman. We have been learning lines, practising dance moves and using stage directions to make our performance even better. We are looking forward to sharing it with all of you this week.

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  • Latest news in Year 6

    Published 26/06/22, by Andy Mari

    n Year 6, we have been very busy preparing our production - The Greatest Showman. Choreographing dances, rehearsing lines, going through scenes, we are trying to make it as perfect as possible. We cannot wait for you to see it. 

    Year 6 have also been writing our adventure stories. We have taken The Firework Maker’s Daughter by Phillip Pullman and written a story inspired by that. For example, The Potion-Maker's Daughter or The Shoe-maker's Son (written by pupils in Yr 6). 

    Another exciting thing this week has been our afternoon on Life Lessons. In these sessions, we learn new things helping us mature. This week, we have learnt how to tie a tie , ready for secondary school. As well as this, we also learnt the cost of packed lunches and how we can have a balanced diet. Making sure we are including protein, fruit and vegetables, carbohydrates and the right amount of sugars. 

    We have been super busy in Year6 recently and are having so much fun in our last few weeks at Roebuck Academy.


    Written by Poppy Townley
    Deputy Head Girl 
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  • News in Year 6

    Published 11/06/22, by Andy Mari

    The first week back we started  a new topic in English: The Firework Maker's Daughter. Many pupils in our class have really enjoyed this book and would like to carry on reading.  We have been taking part in experience days as well as sentence staking to improve our vocabulary and sentence structures. This has been a fun topic to learn as there are many twists and arguments that are made.

    In the afternoon, we have been preparing for our new production - The Greatest Showman. During this, some of our classmates were taken out to the classroom where teachers from their secondary school would tell them all about what they needed and if pupils had questions they would answer them. The class is currently preparing their secondary schools by bringing equipment from home and all the appropriate things you would need to have.

    For our show (The Greatest Showman) we are learning various dances and  songs. We are also going through the roles and acting out the scenes. All pupils are required to practice their lines and by the time the show is due all the lines are supposed to be learnt by heart. The pupils really enjoyed this and when it was first announced everyone was happy about what it was.


    By Olivia P and Liv P

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  • Year 6 news

    Published 22/05/22, by Andy Mari

    We have had a fantastic week in Year 6 since SATs week. Firstly, children have learnt that our end of year production will be (drum roll please)...The Greatest Showman. We held auditions for acting and the solo parts and were absolutely blown away by the talent available. Miss Williams, Mr Alden and Miss Carter would like to say a huge well done to all those who auditioned. It was a difficult decision to cast children in the roles (which I know sounds cliché; however, we went back and forth multiple times over different roles before we settled for our final casting list. As you can imagine not everyone was able to get the parts they wanted, but we have been so impressed with the attitude shown by all Year 6 this week whilst starting to learn songs.

    Of course, it hasn't all been about the production this week. We have introduced a new literacy unit based on Mount Everest which involves the children writing their own Non-Chronological Reports. We have been looking at effective WAGOLLs, rating examples and identifying the features of this particular text type. In addition, we have conducted some research into climbing equipment needed to climb Everest, previous attempts to climb the summit of this magnificent peak as well as the wildlife and nature found there. Children have been thoroughly engaged by this, and we can't wait to start our independent write-up next week.

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  • Maya civilisation in Year 6

    Published 24/04/22, by Andy Mari

    It is all hands on deck in the lead up to SATs in Year 6! We all have been working extremely hard in the run-up to the exams. We have studied hard in Maths, Grammar and reading. In the afternoons, we have been learning about the Maya Civilisation. We kicked off our topic with making and designing our own Mayan masks. We learnt that the Maya used masks for various reasons such as: death, celebrations and in battle. We had to really think about the design elements in our masks and think what colours to use and what this represented in their civilisation. Next week, watch out...Year 6 will be performing a Maya sacrifice which will help write a 1st person narrative! 

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  • Letters to the Council- Year 6

    Published 27/03/22, by Andy Mari
    During this week, we started our mock SATs. Although some of us were the hall, an unfamiliar surrounding, Miss Williams and Mr Alden were there. Some people were in their classroom (Ash and Elder), a familiar surrounding,  although they did not have familiar adults. We felt that the SATs went okay overall. We did have nerves on Monday but we know that our teachers are proud of us as long as we try our best! In Year 6, we really have shown determination, resilience, and tenacity. 
    On Wednesday, we received a letter from the Stevenage Council telling us about a proposed wind turbine farm that is coming to Stevenage! We were all shocked and excited about this as they asked us to write a letter back detailing the advantages and disadvantages of this!
    By Eriola and Olivia R
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  • Latest Year 6 news

    Published 12/03/22, by Andy Mari

    In Year 6 we have been working hard the last few weeks revisiting many maths concepts during our lessons as well as in the afternoons as revision sessions and using a new SPaG website to support us in readiness for our end of year tests. We have all worked extremely hard to improve our scores based on our targets and we even managed to make one of our teachers cry (don't worry they were happy tears). But wait, it hasn't all been intense. We went to London on a coach to the Science museum where we had lots of immersive experiences looking at things from the past, medicines, as well as our main focus which was around natural resources and energy. It was also fun having a trip out on the coach. This week, we were visited by a member of the police who spoke to us about bullying and social media and how we can keep safe online. He told us about different types of bullying and what we can watch out for. Also, this week, we have had lots of the Year 6 children represent the school in various sporting events: indoor sportshall athletics, football match against The Leys and a netball match against Bedwell. 

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