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  • James Ketchell visit

    Published 26/02/22, by Andy Mari

    On Tuesday 22nd February, Roebuck were visited by James Ketchell. James is an international explorer and adventurer, who has cycled around the world, climbed Mount Everest and even sailed on the Atlantic ocean for over 100 days!  

    James started the day with an assembly where he shared great wisdom. He told us to never give up and that things are not as hard as they seem.  

    Year 6 were even luckier as we got to have a private workshop with him. We tried on the equipment and even tried some of the food he had to eat while on his expeditions. We tried pasta bolognaise, most of us really liked it, although it was really crunchy! We had the best day and we really enjoyed listening to James about his fantastic message on growth mindset and resilience. At Roebuck we are determined and resilient.  

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  • Recent news in Year 6?

    Published 30/01/22, by Andy Mari

    Recently, in Year 6, we have been doing a test to show how fit your body is called the beep test. The test consists of a 20-meter run, back and forth. The time between the beeps decreases meaning you must work harder to keep up with the beeps. You must run at the correct pace to complete the activity. In science, we have been making blood soup which consists of the essential ingredients of blood. Firstly, Plasma ,which is 55% of the blood’s formula, is classed as orange juice in this soup.  White blood cells that are 4% of the blood’s formula, are seen as mini marshmallows in this demonstration. Next are red blood cells with 41%, and they carry oxygen. These were Cheerios. Finally, platelets were added (we used rice) There’s your blood soup!

    Year 6’s last activity recently has been a Holocaust Workshop. Year 6 have learnt that the Holocaust was when Jewish followers were discriminated against and looked down on by some of the Germans. Our focus was on a German Jewish girl’s story, Renie. Her family consisted of a sister of Renie (whose story and name is unknown) and a brother of Renie who was unfortunately sent to a concentration camp (a horrid prison for the Jews) but was luckily set free. We were fortunate enough to be joined by two teachers from Thomas Alleyne's Secondary school for this workshop.

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  • Year 6 New Year

    Published 13/01/22, by Andy Mari

    On Roebuck’s first week back after Christmas, we started the day off with an assembly about mistakes and how they help us to learn more. In Literacy,  which was really fun, we went in groups to different tables which had trays with objects in there that you would find washed away on the beach, and we had to guess who they belonged to.  At Roebuck, we are  detectives!

    In Maths, we learnt about 3D shapes. We created 3D shapes with blue tac and straws in maths. The straws represented edges, blue tac represented vertices and the 2D shapes the faces. At Roebuck, we are Geometrists. 

    In Science, we created our circulatory system with the lungs, heart and rest of the body. We drew a figure of 8 on the floor which represented our vessels. We had the lungs positioned at the top of our ‘8’, heart in the middle and the body at the bottom. We then discussed the direction of the blood and the roles of each of the organs and the part they play in the circulatory system. After we understood the direction of the blood, we then learnt how the blood becomes oxygenated and deoxygenated and why this was important.  At Roebuck, we are Scientists! 

    By Leyshana and Eriola 

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  • Pablo Picasso in Year 6

    Published 07/12/21, by Andy Mari

    In Art this week, we have been looking at the famous artist, Pablo Picasso. We looked into the artistic movement of ‘abstract’ and explored what this means. We looked at his painting titled ‘ Guernica’ and discussed its meanings and composition. Looking at the painting, we knew it was showing negative tones and symbols of death and war. Interestingly, the shapes used by Picasso were sharp and edgy which conveyed the message more. We found out that the ‘Guernica’ was based on a small Spanish town which was bombed during the Spanish Civil War. Picasso wanted to show this side of the war and reflect this mood to his viewers. After we discussed this, we then created our own abstract symbols relating to the Second World War. At this stage of our art, we were experimenting with different symbols and sizes. Next week, we will be combining our skills to create a large composition depicting WW2 using an abstract style like Picasso. At Roebuck, we are Artists! 

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  • Year 6 Blog

    Published 21/11/21, by Andy Mari

    Mock tests

    This term we have been doing a wide range of tests in preparation for our end of year SATs: arithmetic, maths reasoning, grammar, reading and spelling. We moved the tables, so NO cheating was possible, and we were provided with all the equipment we needed. Reading was the hardest or should have been because it was the first test of the new curriculum from 2016.


    In our literacy lesson we have been focusing on a book called Rose Blanche written by Roberto Innocenti. The book is about war and Rose's perspective of what happened. We have had a few experience days, brainstormed vocabulary, acted as characters from the text and used Chromebooks. Finally, we have been working hard to plan and write our own endings for the story.


    This term, in art we have been completing a unit called 'Make my voice heard'. We started by focusing on graffiti tags and learning what the laws are about graffiti. One of the classes began to look at the work of Kathe Kollowitz. We have been writing our names in block letters, then we were adding cool features around it to make it more like the vibe of graffiti. We will be going on to colouring them in with different colour oil pastels to make it look nice and colourful and to stand out.


    In our history lessons we have been learning about Wonderful Women. We have been focusing on the fact that women were not allowed to do the things they wanted to do. They were not allowed to have jobs or to have the rights that they wanted to do such as vote. They were forced to marry a man that their father chose even if the lady didn't like him. As a female student this is an interesting topic, and we can't wait to learn more about it. 

    By Pegasus house captain Hannah Wyatt 


    Assistant deputy Ellie Lang.

    Please click on the additional pictures below


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  • World War 2 day

    Published 05/11/21, by Andy Mari

    On Tuesday 2nd November, Year 6 were treated to a World War 2 day. First, we all had to dress up as average evacuees from the war. Miss Williams was a land girl and  Mr Alden dressed as a typical man from the WW2 era. We especially liked this because it was great to see how children dressed during WW2. After that, we met a man called Carl , who ran the WW2 workshop. 


    To begin our workshop, he explained the key events throughout WW2. He also showed us about who invaded where, why and what other countries got involved. We did many games and challenges  including; code breaking; a quiz and a ‘don't  buzz the wire’ game to see how steady our hand was which represented deactivating a bomb. 


    After this, we had a talk about what they ate and how they used the ration book. This was interesting because they didn't eat the same things we do today. Also, all of the food wasn’t in just one shop it was in many such as: the meat was from the butchers, the milk and cheese were from the dairy, the bread was from the bakers.


    He also showed us armour and weapons including: grenades, revolvers, machine guns and knives. We also saw a rifle which was called the Lee Enfield. We loved seeing all of these as it really captured our imagination. He also showed us what the soldiers would have to carry with them-we couldn't believe how much there was! Overall it was a very successful day.


    At Roebuck we are Historians! 


    Lois Walsh and Albion Xhaferi 

    (Year 6 Ash)

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  • Year 6 litter pick

    Published 07/10/21, by Andy Mari

    On Monday 4th October, both Year 6 classes walked to Roebuck woods to offer a helping hand by litter picking. When we arrived, we were greeted by a man named Mark who spoke with us all regarding the importance of being safe and how to be safe while picking up litter throughout the woods, ensuring that any glass or sharp objects we found we would tell an adult. In pairs, we were given a litter grabber, gloves and an orange bag to collect the litter that has been scattered throughout the woods. Walking throughout different areas of the woods, we found various items of rubbish that had been thrown into the woods, these consisted of cans, plastic bags, bottles and many more items. The teachers that stayed with us while we did litter picking, constantly checked we were being safe and made sure that we stayed within our areas. While both Year 6 classes had lots of fun participating in this activity, we were really shocked by the amount of rubbish that had just been dumped throughout the woods. This has an impact on our environment, leading to injuries in our wildlife, costly clean ups to our community, destroying plants through soil and water pollution and making our green areas unpleasant. Overall, we all thoroughly enjoyed it and felt proud that we helped the community. 


    At Roebuck we are Community Conscious! 


    Written by Yasmin Bell, Head Girl 

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  • Latest from Year 6

    Published 25/09/21, by Andy Mari

    In year six, we have been tremendously busy over the few weeks we have been back in school. We have begun by covering subjects such as rounding (Maths), independent writing based on the life of Vera Schaufeld (Literacy/English), glockenspiel practice and singing (music), revisiting the basics of French, and learning Netball skills (PE). In addition, some children have signed up to clubs: netball, football, sketching. We have also begun learning about a heart-felt topic titled ‘woeful wars` where we have looked at the significance of The Blitz and the impact it had. More recently, we created our own Air-Raid shelters with the resources provided by our teachers in order to survive an enemy attack. The results, for some, were catastrophic! Furthermore, in science, we have been totally submerged in the Evolution of different species living on the Earth, and how Charles Darwin has positively changed our opinion on how we view creatures. We are looking forward to learning more from our subjects as the term progresses.

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  • BMX workshop- Mike Mullins

    Published 10/09/21, by Andy Mari

    On Tuesday 7th September, Year 6 were lucky enough to receive workshops from a World BMX Champion. During his visit, he performed different tricks that included: going over a ramp over teachers and shooting off in the air! Throughout the day, Year 6 were taught how to do perform various tricks and jumps on a BMX. We went over ramps and at the end we completed a freestyle. 

    "The best part was when we were taught all of the tricks, even when we become better at them!"- Poppy

    "I loved the part when we had the challenge ourselves to learn how to do the tricks"- Eriola

    "I liked that we went on the ramps and did tricks. We also learnt a new word- FLEARN. This means that you learn from failures"- Yasmin B. 

    Please lookt the other photos below. 



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  • Year 6 final blog!

    Published 18/07/21, by Andy Mari

    Our final blog of the year and our final blog as Year 6s. What a roller-coaster time the children have had over the last couple of year and what amazing resilience they have shown. They have all been demonstrating the roebuck value of determination during this pandemic. And these last few weeks have been no different: we had a wonderful Geography day when we learnt about grid references and modern mapping using 'What3Words' to locate areas around the school; we created art inspired by street art from the Bellavista region of Chile; created carnival masks for our South American day; ate a traditional Brazilian chocolate sweet; and enjoyed a sing-song and a marshmallow round a campfire all to celebrate Geography week.

    It was also wonderful to see so many of the children come along to the prom to celebrate their time here at Roebuck; lots of smartly dressed young children who had such an amazing time and a credit to you and the school. As we near the end of the final chapter for this wonderful cohort, I would like to thank them for all their contributions throughout the year, the teamwork they have shown and the wonderful young individuals they have all become. At Roebuck, in Year 6, we are Superstars.

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  • Year 6 are Electric!

    Published 13/06/21, by Andy Mari

    It is the final half-term for Year 6, and we have been continuing with some wonderful work we began before half-term titled ‘Looking Back’. The children have been very reflective over their time at Roebuck and have created some fantastic analogies to describe what their Primary School experience has been like. In Geography this half-term we have started to research about South America — using the Atlases to locate South America and the countries that it consists of. In maths, we have started to look at co-ordinates and how we can reflect and translate shapes. For computing this half-term, Year 6 have been tasked with the challenge of making a quiz for the Year 2 classes. We have started to conduct some research into the types of questions we can create using Purple Mash and thinking about research questions to ask the Year 2s over a virtual meeting next week. 

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  • Art inspired!

    Published 18/05/21, by Andy Mari

    In Year 6 we are nearing the end of our unit on the Maya civilisation. Throughout this unit the children have learnt about the Maya creation story, made a Maya calendar, written their own adaptation of a Maya story and learnt about the writing and number systems that the Maya used. In art this half term we have been ‘making our voice heard’ by creating some pieces of work based on emotions by Kathe Kollwitz and designing our own ‘Covid inspired’ Guernica by Pablo Picasso. During computing we have been learning about binary code and how it is made using switches and we have learnt how to count in binary. As we near the end of the year, we start our new literacy unit titled ‘Looking back’. The children will be writing their own reflective piece looking back at some of their standout memories through the course of their primary school journey. Tissues at the ready! 

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