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Fun at the beach

Year 6 all visited the beach today and after a brisk walk down to the coatline, they happily explored the rockpools.

They were all given a brief talk about coastal defences before being allowed to explore the rockpools freely. They enjoyed wading through the water in their wellies and most managed to avoid falling in! However, it wouldn't be the true seaside experience without getting a little bit wet; thankfully we had Amelia to tick that one off the list! Whilst exploring, lots of children found crabs and learnt how to tell whether it was a male or female. After rockpooling, Year 6 had the chance to play on the long stretch of sand. Some wrote their names in the sand, others relaxed and admired the beautiful scenery, whilst others (Molly and Devonte) entertained us by getting stuck in the wet sand knee deep! In good spirits, they both laughed it off but were happy to get back to their dorms into warm dry clothes.

This evening, the children have played aeroball or rock climbed, again impressing us with their sheer determination and resilience. They are now relaxing in front of a movie before bed. We imagine there will be a few more snores earlier on tonight as they are all happily exhausted.