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Year 6 have had a great start to their week at Kingswood. The coach journey was long and loud and the children were ready to stretch their legs and explore as soon as they got off. We have met our group leader: Harry, who,  full of enthusiasm, led the group around the site for a quick tour before a delicious dinner.

After dinner, the children carried out their first activity: Nightline. Forming a single file line, the children were blindfolded and led around a tricky obstacle course in the forest while the staff got their own back (in advance for the lack of sleep) by making them jump as they went. There was a lot of mud and a lot of excitable screaming!

Next, the quiz. In groups of 4, the children completed a general knowledge quiz (which I'm relieved to say the staff team won!). Coming a close second were Harry, Liam, George and Cory. Well done boys!

The children slept well throughout the night (mostly) and are now beginning today's activities. They will be zip wiring, climbing Jacob's ladder and visiting the coast today.

They are all safe, well and very happy. Enjoy the photos!

Mrs Sparrow