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1st week back!

1st week back!


Happy new year to all, hope you’re having an amazing 2020. In the first week of the second term of the year, Year 6 have been very busy completing tests and starting new topics in Science, English and Topic/History.


Year 6 have a new topic named Children Of War – this involved us looking at the start of some major wars: WWI, WWII and the war of Afghanistan. We know a bit of how the First World War started but we will keep you on the edge of your seat until next week.


Year 6 also have a new topic in science which is Animals including humans. This topic includes talking about the different systems in the human body and animal body. We talked about the organs, bones and muscles. There are three different systems we talked about – the digestive system, the skeletal system and the muscular system.


We promise this is last new topic in this blog, we started to read a new book called the Journey,which is about refugees (this links to our topic Children Of War). We will tell you more about the book next week.