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Geography Week 13.1.20-15.1.20

This week was a Geography themed week.

For the first three days of the week all of Key Stage 2 swapped rooms to learn about different countries .Yr. 6 was Germany; Yr. 5 was Peru; Yr. 4 Cedar was Kennya; Yr. 4 Rowan was the U.K; Yr. 3 Pear was Italy and Yr. 3 cherry was U.S.A. We went to each class on a different day and we learnt a lot about each country. In Year 6 Mr Alden taught us about Germany. We learnt some German vocabulary and designed paper plates to act as a fact file. Mrs Jarman (Year 5) had us make a comparison sheet of Peru’s and UK’s mountain ranges. Miss Smith (Year 4 Cedar) had us look at fact files of animals in Kenya and we made mind maps on what animals are becoming extinct, how they are becoming extinct and how we can stop it. Miss O’Reilly (Year 4 Rowan) told us to pin point certain places in the UK and landmarks on a plain map of the UK. In Miss Whitfield’s class (Year 3 Pear) we made a fact file on a certain place in Italy- the boot as people call it. In Miss William’s class (Year 3 Cherry) we learnt about the United States of America. Miss Williams had us colour certain states on a map then she had us pin point the top 10 cities in America by population.