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Children of War 16.1.20

On Thursday Year 6 ventured to Stevenage museum to learn about the life of an evacuee child. 

On this trip we experienced being an evacuee, and to make this experience seem realistic, we dressed up in dresses, shirts and shorts. We investigated things from the war: real gas masks; boots; books; old fashioned cameras; photos; toys; clothing and more. To make it more surreal, whenever a siren was signalled, we had to scramble under the tables with our gas masks at hand. We also learned that babies used to be placed in a special gas mask tunnel to keep them safe at all times during a gas attack. Fun fact, there were actually no gas attacks in World War II. At the end we read out real letters from evacuee children to their parents about their new life with another family.


It was extremely fun and we are grateful to Stevenage Museum for having us.