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BMX workshop- Mike Mullins

On Tuesday 7th September, Year 6 were lucky enough to receive workshops from a World BMX Champion. During his visit, he performed different tricks that included: going over a ramp over teachers and shooting off in the air! Throughout the day, Year 6 were taught how to do perform various tricks and jumps on a BMX. We went over ramps and at the end we completed a freestyle. 

"The best part was when we were taught all of the tricks, even when we become better at them!"- Poppy

"I loved the part when we had the challenge ourselves to learn how to do the tricks"- Eriola

"I liked that we went on the ramps and did tricks. We also learnt a new word- FLEARN. This means that you learn from failures"- Yasmin B. 

Please lookt the other photos below. 



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