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Pablo Picasso in Year 6

In Art this week, we have been looking at the famous artist, Pablo Picasso. We looked into the artistic movement of ‘abstract’ and explored what this means. We looked at his painting titled ‘ Guernica’ and discussed its meanings and composition. Looking at the painting, we knew it was showing negative tones and symbols of death and war. Interestingly, the shapes used by Picasso were sharp and edgy which conveyed the message more. We found out that the ‘Guernica’ was based on a small Spanish town which was bombed during the Spanish Civil War. Picasso wanted to show this side of the war and reflect this mood to his viewers. After we discussed this, we then created our own abstract symbols relating to the Second World War. At this stage of our art, we were experimenting with different symbols and sizes. Next week, we will be combining our skills to create a large composition depicting WW2 using an abstract style like Picasso. At Roebuck, we are Artists! 

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