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The Greatest Show!

The pupils of Year 6 have been up to some very fun yet challenging tasks these past few weeks in school; however, we only have 2 weeks left at Roebuck Academy and would like to enjoy every second of it. During this term some Year 6’s completed Bikeability Level 1 and 2. To do this they had to be able to ride safely on the playground until they were good enough to go to the next level: the road. Bikeability was enjoyed by every person doing it and some even learnt how to have only one hand on the bike instead of two! While some were doing this activity, others were at school doing something just as exciting in Science: making colour wheels! A thick piece of card was used and a circle was cut out using scissors. Using card, they got some paper and traced the circle from it and cut it out. Then the pupils coloured the paper circle with primary and secondary colours but in 6 equal 60° triangles. After doing all of these steps, some string was used and a sharp pencil to poke two small holes (at least 1cm away) to fit the string in. Finally, the wheel had be spun really fast until a white or peach colour emerged. This happened because our eyes can't keep up with the speed the wheel is moving, so it creates the illusion of the wheel changing colour.

We have also been practising really hard for our Year 6 production of The Greatest Showman. We have been learning lines, practising dance moves and using stage directions to make our performance even better. We are looking forward to sharing it with all of you this week.

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