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NeYear 6 latest news

During these past few weeks, we have been up to a lot of activities inside Year 6! We’ve had our amazing Books & Blankets session where parents were invited to read with us, provided with amazing breakfast foods such as croissants, biscuits, and a hot drink of tea. In addition, we had a Remembrance Service to celebrate the lives of the people who fought in the war and also to mourn the losses of our soldiers. A couple of Year 6s had the chance to speak in front of the whole school for this. Last week we had a Scooter Workshop where we got to participate in amazing tricks such as jumping over ramps and bunny jumps. In class, we have been writing a story related to WW2 called Rose Blanche. We have written an Internal Monologue and have begun to plan and write an ending of our own to the story. During French we completed a French test to try out our French skills in certain subjects: our names (‘Je m'appelle’) and our age (‘J'ai dix ans’) and where we live (‘J’habite a Stevenage’). In History, we began to research dates and subjects to create a timeline on women's suffrage and how they fought for the right to vote. Lastly, in PE, we have been learning how to do archery: how to hold a bow, how to shoot arrows and how to aim correctly.

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