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Latest news in Year 6

In computing, we have been planning and composing blogs about topics of our choice. We planned using '2connect' in Purple Mash which helps us to plan a mind map. In the upcoming week, we shall be doing our exams commonly referred to as SAT’s. To do revision, we split the classes into groups, so we could focus on specific areas. In art, we compared Van Gogh to Adam Lister using Lister's pixelated art. During SPaG, we played a quiz in teams to answer grammar questions. In Science, we looked at reflection and refraction and used water and a glass to see how the glass and water can alter an image. 

For one of our topic lessons, we sacrificed a member of the class to recreate a Maya ceremony. First we paid for our victim with red beans. Then, we held their arms and painted their face blue before pinning them down on the alter to perform the ritual. Once the sacrifice had been completed we had a go at writing up this process in a first person recount.

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