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Year 6 Blog

May 2021

  • Art inspired!

    Published 18/05/21, by Andy Mari

    In Year 6 we are nearing the end of our unit on the Maya civilisation. Throughout this unit the children have learnt about the Maya creation story, made a Maya calendar, written their own adaptation of a Maya story and learnt about the writing and number systems that the Maya used. In art this half term we have been ‘making our voice heard’ by creating some pieces of work based on emotions by Kathe Kollwitz and designing our own ‘Covid inspired’ Guernica by Pablo Picasso. During computing we have been learning about binary code and how it is made using switches and we have learnt how to count in binary. As we near the end of the year, we start our new literacy unit titled ‘Looking back’. The children will be writing their own reflective piece looking back at some of their standout memories through the course of their primary school journey. Tissues at the ready! 

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  • Year 6 Make their voice heard!

    Published 01/05/21, by Andy Mari

    In Year 6 this half-term we have started our unit on the Mayas. We have learnt about who discovered them, and used the atlases to locate Central America where their civilisation was found. In art this half-term our unit is titled ‘Make my voice heard’. So far, we have created our own graffiti art using oil pastels and discussed the fact that some people believe graffiti is a form of vandalism, while others believe it is a form of art and a way to express themselves. We have also made our own Kathe Kollwitz inspired expression piece using graphite sticks and some basic shading with very pleasing outcomes. This week, we began our new literacy unit based on David Wisniewski’s book Rain Player. This story tells us about a game of Pok-a-Tok which finds a player challenging a God to a game in order to release rain to his village.  

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