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  • End of Year Party

    Published 18/07/18, by Admin

    What a great year nursery have had - they have enjoyed finding out about & learning lots of new things. The year ended with a pool party - the children made their own jam sandwiches and created their own ice cream. Everyone had fun splashing in the paddling pool and the children had a carpet picnic and played party games. The party ended with pass the parcel - the prize was a new bird house from Mrs Beard to go up in the EY garden. Mrs Beard will be sad to say good-bye to Nursery and Roebuck school, but sends best wishes to all the children, families and staff she has worked with. 

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  • Monet's Waterlily Pond

    Published 06/06/18, by Admin

    For Arts Week (the last week before half term), we looked at Monet's Waterlily Pond picture. The children enjoyed finding out about Claude Monet and his paintings. We read the story about Katie visiting (and jumping into) this picture - a story by James Mayhew. They counted and recorded numbers hidden underneath lilies and made lily tea lights. The children created  sounds of the items in Monet's painting (running water, footsteps on the bridge, a croaking frog) and drew a picture of the pond. They experimented with chalks to blend the blue and green shades of the water, painted a lily pad and attached a raised bridge to their painting. 

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  • Good-bye to our chicks

    Published 29/04/18, by Admin

    We have thoroughly enjoyed having chicks in our class for the first two weeks of term and seeing them hatch out of their eggs, then grow and develop. The last girl chick to hatch that had a poorly leg (and had to return to the farm a week early), recovered and is well now. Our other 8 chicks joined her back at the farm this Friday.  We will miss the chicks but have learnt so much about them and have very happy memories of our 'living eggs'. We have all made a booklet about this experience to remember the chicks by and Mrs Beard took photos of us holding the chicks for anyone in the school who wanted one. 

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  • Chicks galore!

    Published 19/04/18, by Admin

    What an exciting week nursery children are having. On Wednesday morning they saw one chick hatch. Then when they came into class on Thursday there were now 8 chicks hatched in total. Lots of cheeping from the chicks and cheery nursery childrens voices could be heard all day in nursery,  as the children watched and learnt about the chicks. One more egg needed help hatching on Thursday and is a bit poorly... Mrs Beard phoned the farmer and we were told to wait and see how it gets on overnight. So only one egg has not hatched at the moment.

    The children have counted the eggs and practised writing numbers 1 - 10; They have counted how many chicks have hatched altogether - how many are boys & how many are girls; they have been choosing a name for the first chick; they have prepared the brooder box and moved the fluffy chicks across to their new home; they have read stories about hens and chicks, sung chick songs and even learnt the chicken dance. It's been a very busy week so far!

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  • Hatching Day

    Published 18/04/18, by Admin

    This morning there were still 10 eggs in the incubator when we arrived in Nursery...

    But during the morning the children got to see the first chick hatch out of it's egg! It took a long time to peck it's way out of it's shell, but finally the little yellow (boy) chick flopped out, exhausted after all his hard work. He was very sleepy and wet all over. During the morning he slept, woke up and strutted around cheeping, then slept again. He slowly started to dry off and fluff up. Nursery children now have the job of deciding on a name for this first chick.

    In the afternoon, more chicks began to hatch - second was a brown girl chick and Willow class got to see the third chick hatch (another yellow, boy chick).  Other classes also visited too during the afternoon, hoping to see  more chicks hatch...

    How many chicks will nursery class find in the incubator when they arrive tomorrow morning?

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  • Egg-citing term

    Published 16/04/18, by Admin

    This morning in Nursery, Kelly (the farmer) brought us 10 living eggs to look after. Inside each egg there are baby chicks growing. They are nearly ready to hatch. At the moment the eggs are kept warm and safe in the incubator. We can't wait to see what will happen next!

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  • World Book Day

    Published 01/03/18, by Admin

    Nursery celebrated a snowy 'World Book Day' by dressing up as book characters. They enjoyed hearing stories and sharing their favourite books. At the end of the morning they presented their 'Fantastic Finish' assembly to their family and friends. It included a selection of songs, story-telling, rhymes and dances to stories we have looked at this academic year (so far) in Nursery. They ended their performance by acting out the story of 'The Gingerbread Man', and then we all enjoyed eating a gingerbread man! The children took home book vouchers, stickers and a gingerbread man bookmark to colour in. Well done Nursery :-)

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  • Music Day in¬†Nursery

    Published 26/01/18, by Admin

    On Thursday 25th January the whole school celebrated 'Music Day'. In Nursery, the children started the morning with 'Busy Fingers', making straw flutes, lolly stick clappers and elastic band string drums. Mrs Beard showed the class different instruments (brass, string, percussion and wind instruments) and some children got to have a play! (Parents, check out your 'Tapestry' entries or visit the display in our classroom to see some great pictures!) The children enjoyed a noisy boomwhacker (plastic tube instruments) and singing session. In the classroom they listened and expressed their feelings to different genre of music (with a weather theme), through dance, paint and drawing.  The children decided their favourite song was Bill Withers 'A Lovely Day'  - and as adults picked up their children at the end of the morning, we got them to join in with our dance to this track! :-)

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  • Weather Mobiles

    Published 16/01/18, by Admin

    Nursery News & Weather!

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  • 'Glad Tidings' from Nursery

    Published 11/12/17, by Admin

    What lovely angels we have in Nursery!  Last week the children presented their 'First Christmas' Nativity story as part of our EYFS production. The children performed, played, sang and danced their way through a stunning performance - well done to them all on their first appearance on Roebuck stage!

    We are now gearing up for Christmas in Nursery. In maths, the children are practising counting forwards (advent calendar) and backwards (countdown - how many days in Nursery before the end of term?), also learning the words and actions to the song: 'The 12 days of Christmas'. In literacy we are recording 'the First Christmas' story in individual booklets and looking at Christmas phonics (letters and sounds) as well as singing songs about 'S-A-N-T-A! The children are enjoying producing some great  art & carftwork too - painting Santa, making cards, calendars & gifts. We are looking forward to visiting the church to sing carols, watching the end of term panto ("oh yes we are!") and our Christmas party.

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  • November News

    Published 25/11/17, by Admin

    This second half of the autumn term has been very busy. In Nursery the children started with learning about holidays and airplanes - we made a role play airport. They then moved on to finding out about rockets, space and planets - they made model rockets from junk modelling, found out about how astronauts train and then they learnt about the 8 planets in our solar system. (The role play area has been adapted now to launch rockets too!) We made special pictures for the gallery that are space themed - look out for these at our open evening on Wednesday 29th November...

    Last week we looked as a whole school at the story of 'Goldilocks and the 3 Bears' - we acted out the story and sorted items into 'big - small - tiny' sets. Now our focus is on our show, 'the First Christmas' -  we are practising and preparing for our Early Years prerformance at the beginning of December.

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  • Autumn term learning¬†

    Published 11/10/17, by Admin

    Nursery has been busy learning about 'Harvest' and 'Autumn' over the last few weeks. They have enjoyed finding out about, looking at, chopping & printing vegetables. They learnt days of the week after reading the story 'Oliver's vegetables'. This week they have started thinking about the season of autumn - they have been on an autumn walk collecting leaves, pine cones and sticks. They enjoyed experimenting with mixing colours to paint their autumn leaves.

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