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  • What I like about me!

    Published 16/01/22, by Andy Mari

    This week in Nursery we have been reading the story ‘What I like About Me’. Afterwards we talked about all the things we liked about ourselves and some examples of these included our hair, our nose and our eyes. We also discussed different foods we liked and hobbies we had. Then we drew pictures of these and practised forming the letters of our name. In Maths we have been measuring our feet and sorting objects into big and small. We have also been matching Numicon shapes to numbers. We have been really creative this week and made pictures of our face using natural objects, playdough, art resources and even with different healthy foods.

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  • Stay and Play in Nursery

    Published 06/12/21, by Andy Mari

    This week in Nursery the parents were invited in for our first Stay and play session. The children were very excited for their parents and careers to come into Nursery and see where we play and learn. It was lovely to see so many parents come into school and spend some time in the Nursery environment with their children.  

    The children had the opportunity to give their parents a tour of the Nursery and to share the toys and books that they enjoy.

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  • Fireworks n Nursery

    Published 05/11/21, by Andy Mari

    This week in Nursery we have been thinking all about bonfire night and fireworks. We have been counting down how many sleeps until the 5th of November as lots of us are going to see the fireworks. We started the week by reading the story ‘Sparks in the Sky’ and then we thought about some words that describe them. We came up with ‘bright’, ‘bang’, ‘zoom’ and ‘whizz’.

    We have learned all about how to be safe around fireworks such as how we should wear gloves when using sparklers and to stay a safe distance from any lit fireworks.

    We have been really creative and made our very own sparkly firework pictures and we have also been making marks in glitter with our fingers and paintbrushes.

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  • Olivers vegetables

    Published 10/10/21, by Andy Mari

    This week we have been thinking all about Harvest and started the week by reading the story Oliver’s Vegetables.  We acted the story out using the sensory small world and some of the vegetables from the story. We explored finding out which vegetable was the heaviest and which was the lightest. We were really creative and used vegetables and paint to print pictures. We even practised our cutting skills to chop up real cooking apples to make an apple crumble.

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  • Owl babies in Nursery

    Published 25/09/21, by Andy Mari

    This week in Nursery we have been reading the story Owl Babies and taken part in lots of activities. We have been using our busy fingers to twist pipe cleaners around sticks, to mark make our own owl babies and re-telling to story using puppets. We also got creative and made owl babies using different types of materials with different textures.

    We are really beginning to settle into our life at Roebuck Academy and enjoying making friends and working together.

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  • Welcome back Nursery classes.

    Published 10/09/21, by Andy Mari

    In Nursery this week we have been settling in to our new class. We have been getting to know our teachers, friends and even our guinea-pigs. We have enjoyed taking part in busy fingers every morning and we have been learning the song ‘Five Little Ducks’ in our carpet time as well as reading the story ‘Spot goes to Nursery’. We have loved exploring the outdoor area and made up games such as pretending to be pirates on the ship travelling to ‘Pirate Island’, we have been climbing and balancing on the balance beam and we have been practising throwing and catching a ball.

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  • Geography week in Nursery

    Published 18/07/21, by Andy Mari

    In Nursery’s Geography week we have been exploring our outside area and looking at the environment around us. We started the week with reading a book all about different mini beasts, and then we went on a bug hunt. We found lots of different creatures including woodlice, spiders and a snail.

    We also learned all about British birds such as the robin, woodpecker and blue tit. We thought about what they need to survive and then made our very own bird feeders using a pine cone, lard and bird seed.

    We also looked at some pictures of some natural art which was made using different natural objects such as leaves, stones and sticks. Then we had a go at making some ourselves.

    We used our senses to go on a senses walk and looked through a ‘viewfinder’. We talked about what we could see and described things in our environment.

    We finished our very busy week with a ‘teddy bear’s picnic’. We got to decorate a biscuit and then ate them in our outdoor area with our teddies.

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  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar

    Published 13/06/21, by Andy Mari

    This week in Nursery we have been learning about caterpillars and reading the story ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. We even have some of our own hungry caterpillars in the classroom which we are watching grow over the next few weeks. After reading the story we talked about the different foods he ate on each day of the week. Then we have been challenging ourselves to listening to and having a go at writing the sound we can hear for the different foods. We have also been re-telling the story using our small world area and using the different props from the story. Then in maths we have been practising our number recognition by finding a number 1-10 and counting out the correct amount of food from the story and then matching it up with the correct Numicon shape.

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  • Romp in the swamp

    Published 18/05/21, by Andy Mari

    This week in Nursery we have been reading the story ‘Romp in the swamp’ and we have been searching for dinosaurs in our Nursery garden.

    We have been mark making in the paint using the dinosaur’s feet. The children have been measuring the dinosaurs using non-standard units of measure, such as the duplo blocks, and practising to write the numbers onto the whiteboards.

    We have been using our gross motor skills to help us build a dinosaur cave using the crates and a cargo net. The children have also enjoyed acting out the narrative from the story in our very own dinosaur swamp.

    The children have been busy being palaeontologists, digging up dinosaurs, their bones and fossils in the sandpit. They were very excited to dig up a dinosaur and match it to the correct name.

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  • The Tiny seed in Nursery

    Published 01/05/21, by Andy Mari

    This week in Nursery we have been continuing to think about our key question ‘How does your garden grow?’ and this week we have read the story ‘The Tiny Seed’. We have been learning all about how seeds grow, what they need to grow and we have even had a go at planting our own sunflowers. In maths we have been counting out seeds into our numicon shapes and we have also been getting creative by printing flowers using different coloured paints.

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  • How does your garden grow?

    Published 15/04/21, by Andy Mari

    This week we have introduced the children to our key question ‘How does your garden grow?’ The children were really curious to see the giant beanstalk and giant feet in our role play on the first day of term. Lots of them guessed correctly that our focus story of this week is Jack and the Beanstalk. The children have been busy acting out the story in the role and using the puppets outside. They have also been making and describing their own beanstalks using different resources such as duplo, junk modelling and megablocks in the water tray. They have also been taking on the challenge to count out the correct number of magic beans. This has been tricky as the children have had to use their fine motor skills and mathematical knowledge. 

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  • Special visitors in Nursery

    Published 23/03/21, by Andy Mari

    For the last 2 weeks we have had some special members in Roebuck nursery. On Wednesday morning we came in to find out some chicks had hatched in the eggs we had been incubating. It has been very exciting and we have even had the chance to hold them. We have been taking part in lots of chick activities. For example learning about the lifecycle of a chicken, we have made chicks using different creative resources and we have been counting out the correct number of chicks. 

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