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Chirpy Chicks have a visit from Farmer John

At the end of our exciting week, nursery have had 9 chicks hatch - 3 boys and 6 girls. On Thursday morning we noticed that one of the boy chicks had a limp and was holding one foot off the ground. (Other than that he seemed content and was busy eating and sleeping like all his brothers and sisters.) Mrs Beard decided to check with the farm - they said to wait and see how he got on overnight... This morning (Friday), there was no change so we had the farmer visit us in class. He said that the chick had a dislocated leg at the knee joint and it could be mended by taping it to his other leg (like a splint). After a few days it should slot back in as normal. John, the farmer, decided to take this chick back to the farm so he could look after it there, whilst it recovered. We all said 'goodbye' to this little boy chick - the children gave it a stroke... We talked about the responsibility of looking after pets and how you have to do the right thing for them (even when it is sad to say goodbye). We still have 8 chirpy chicks to look after. They are spending the weekend with Mrs Beard and then we will have one more week to look after them and watch them grow.