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Hatching Day

This morning there were still 10 eggs in the incubator when we arrived in Nursery...

But during the morning the children got to see the first chick hatch out of it's egg! It took a long time to peck it's way out of it's shell, but finally the little yellow (boy) chick flopped out, exhausted after all his hard work. He was very sleepy and wet all over. During the morning he slept, woke up and strutted around cheeping, then slept again. He slowly started to dry off and fluff up. Nursery children now have the job of deciding on a name for this first chick.

In the afternoon, more chicks began to hatch - second was a brown girl chick and Willow class got to see the third chick hatch (another yellow, boy chick).  Other classes also visited too during the afternoon, hoping to see  more chicks hatch...

How many chicks will nursery class find in the incubator when they arrive tomorrow morning?

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