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Chicks galore!

What an exciting week nursery children are having. On Wednesday morning they saw one chick hatch. Then when they came into class on Thursday there were now 8 chicks hatched in total. Lots of cheeping from the chicks and cheery nursery childrens voices could be heard all day in nursery,  as the children watched and learnt about the chicks. One more egg needed help hatching on Thursday and is a bit poorly... Mrs Beard phoned the farmer and we were told to wait and see how it gets on overnight. So only one egg has not hatched at the moment.

The children have counted the eggs and practised writing numbers 1 - 10; They have counted how many chicks have hatched altogether - how many are boys & how many are girls; they have been choosing a name for the first chick; they have prepared the brooder box and moved the fluffy chicks across to their new home; they have read stories about hens and chicks, sung chick songs and even learnt the chicken dance. It's been a very busy week so far!