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May 2017

  • End of half term - Living Things

    Published 30/05/17, by Admin

    Nursery have enjoyed finding out about 'Living Things' in the first half of this Summer Term. On Thursday they presented their 'Fantastic Finish' assembly to their parents and carers... They told the audience how we had planted (sunflowers, tomatoes, potatoes and bean) seeds; acted out the story of 'Jasper's Beanstalk'; sang a counting song about frogs (we had looked at frogspawn & found out about the lifecycle of frogs); told the rhyme about '5 caterpillars' that turn into butterflies (just like our caterpillars in class); sang the song 'Chook, chook... Good morning Mrs Hen' counting how many of our chicks hatched (3 boys / 6 girls); and finished with a dance to the 'birdy song'. At the end of their performance the children (and audience) left with butterfly biscuits that the children had decorated (with symmetrical patterns) and a beautiful 'Living Eggs' / Chick booklet that they had made.

    A quick update:

    • The plants are continuing to grow taller & stronger - we will continue to tend to these next half term in our undercover role play garden centre
    • The tadpoles were returned to their pond to change into frogs
    • The caterpillars had cocooned and have turned into butterflies that have now been released 
    • The chicks have been returned - 4 back to the farm... and Mrs Beard has kept 4 of the girl chicks (see in the picture above: Sparkles, Rose, Chicky & Bella) - they will grow up with Mrs Beard's remaining 2 hens (from previous 'Living Eggs' chicks) in her garden... Nursery children will follow their progress and await to hear when they start laying eggs!
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  • Chirpy Chicks have a visit from Farmer John

    Published 19/05/17, by Admin

    At the end of our exciting week, nursery have had 9 chicks hatch - 3 boys and 6 girls. On Thursday morning we noticed that one of the boy chicks had a limp and was holding one foot off the ground. (Other than that he seemed content and was busy eating and sleeping like all his brothers and sisters.) Mrs Beard decided to check with the farm - they said to wait and see how he got on overnight... This morning (Friday), there was no change so we had the farmer visit us in class. He said that the chick had a dislocated leg at the knee joint and it could be mended by taping it to his other leg (like a splint). After a few days it should slot back in as normal. John, the farmer, decided to take this chick back to the farm so he could look after it there, whilst it recovered. We all said 'goodbye' to this little boy chick - the children gave it a stroke... We talked about the responsibility of looking after pets and how you have to do the right thing for them (even when it is sad to say goodbye). We still have 8 chirpy chicks to look after. They are spending the weekend with Mrs Beard and then we will have one more week to look after them and watch them grow.

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  • Chicks

    Published 18/05/17, by Admin

    On Wednesday afternoon, we had one more chick hatch in nursery. This takes the total to 9 so far - three boys (yellow) and six girls (brown). We have spent lots of time watching and finding out how to care for our chicks. They are now fluffy and today we moved them to their new home, a brooder box. They eat chick crumbs and have fresh water, lots more room to play in and a light that gives them a warm environment. We are really enjoying looking after our chicks - we will look after them for one more week and see how much they grow.

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  • Chick Update

    Published 17/05/17, by Admin

    What a surprise the children had this morning when they came into class - 8 baby chicks had hatched during the night! We think 6 are girls (they are brown) and 2 are boys (yellow chicks).

    The children have enjoyed watching the chicks this morning. Pipping (pecking out of their shells) was hard work - the baby chicks are sleepy and need lots of rest. We are leaving the chicks in their incubator today as they dry off and become fluffy. We are still watching the other 2 eggs that have not hatched yet - one has had pipping and cracks emerging, so hopefully there will be at least one more chick... Watch this space!

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  • Eggciting News in Nursery!

    Published 15/05/17, by Admin

    This morning Nursery had a special delivery - 10 living eggs with baby chicks growing inside them. We are looking after them in an incubator where it is warm and dry. We are waiting to see what will happen next... Please come and take a look if in school - but please remember to only look - don't bang or touch the incubator as something very special is growing inside.

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