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    Published 07/03/20, by Janet Erne
    The Reception children were very lucky when they received a visit from Dino man. The school hall was transformed into a prehistoric landscape. As the children entered the hall they heard the sounds of dinosaurs and saw palm trees and model dinosaurs
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  • Spring Topic

    Published 17/01/20, by Lynne Solomon

    Magic Beans!

    Our topic in class this half term is Traditional Tales, we have been reading the story Jack and the Beanstalk. When we were tidying up last Friday some beans were found in the classroom the children thought they could be magic. Mrs Solomon and Mrs Prosser said that there was no such thing as magic beans and threw the beans across the classroom. Well would you believe by Monday morning  some a beanstalk had grown in both classrooms. Maybe they were real!?!

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  • Explorers!

    Published 12/09/19, by Lynne Solomon

    Our first week at school!

    The children have now completed their first few weeks at school, they are becoming more familiar with the daily routines and are making new friends. The staff are very pleased at how the children have been settling into their new classes. This week we have been reading a story about starting school, we have started learning sounds in phonics and have been using Numicon everyday in maths. 

    Today, we went for a walk around the school grounds to see what we could find. We visited creature corner, had a look at the elephant sculpture at the bottom of the field and found a huge pirate ship on the large playground. 

    What a fantastic start to school!

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  • Dinosaur Extravaganza!

    Published 26/04/19, by Lynne Solomon

    WOW! WOW! WOW! What a morning! Today the children in Willow and Oak class met with Graham Woollard and Sue Woollard. As we entered the hall we heard the sounds of dinosaurs and saw palm trees and model dinosaurs laid out around the room.

    We learnt all about the different types of dinosaurs, how big they were and we even got a chance to go and look and touch the different models around the room, thinking about their different features.

    Graham told us about how the dinosaurs became extinct and how still to this day palaeontologists are discovering new facts.

    Towards the end of the morning we got to look closely as some dinosaur bones that are now fossils. Graham explained to us how they become fossilised. We even got to hold one!

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  • What could it be?

    Published 25/03/19, by Lynne Solomon

    This morning Mrs McGarry and Mrs Spreadsbury got the fright of their lives when they found this in the garden area by the digging pit!

    All the children went out to investigate what it could be. Both Oak and Willow classes said it must be a dinosaur footprint! The children even noticed that the dinosaur had cracked the ground where it had been walking! We thought of lots of ideas about why the dinosaur might be at our school. Some thought he was hungry and was looking for children to eat, others thought he might be looking for some toys to play with.

    We thought about trapping the dinosaur so we could ask him why he visited our school and with our talk partners discussed the different ways we could trap the dinosaur.

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  • Fantastic Finish

    Published 11/03/19, by Lynne Solomon

    Chinese New Year Celebrations

    Last week Oak and Willow Class invited their grown-ups to join them to celebrate Chinese New Year. The children and their parents worked in small groups and tried a variety of different activities. The children put their cutting skills to the test to make a paper chain dragon. They then had an opportunity to colour a picture of the animal from the year they were born.

    Next the children had a go at writing the numbers 0 through to 10 in Mandarin. It was very challenging but lots of fun, zero was very tricky! Then they got the opportunity to try some Chinese food, on offer was Chinese noodles, vegetable spring rolls and prawn crackers. The children talked about how the food tasted and which was their favourite. The prawn crackers the firm favourite from both classes and the children enjoyed finishing them off at snack time.

    The final activity was to perform a dragon dance around the playground with the grown- ups using drums and triangles to create a beat for us to dance to. The children had lots of fun especially when it was the grown-ups turn to have a go!

    There was a great turn out from parents and the children in both Oak and Willow class really enjoyed the morning and we hope you all did too!

    Thank you for coming to celebrate with us and we look forward to sharing our work with you all again soon.

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  • Beanstalks!

    Published 25/01/19, by Lynne Solomon

    Jack and the Beanstalk- 

    Over the last few weeks we have been learning about Jack and the Beanstalk. We planted some magic beans during our Friday assembly. To our utter shock and amazement two huge beanstalks grew in Oak and Willow class over the weekend!

    During the week Jack left special notes on our beanstalks to show us how to plant our very own bean seeds. Unfortunately our beans weren't magic but we are now very excited as they have germinated and are starting to grow.

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  • Start of the Year in Reception

    Published 10/09/18, by Lynne Solomon


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  • Supertato to the rescue

    Published 18/06/18, by Admin

    The children have loved our learning on Supertato.

    Last week, we got to meet the vegetables that needed rescuing from Evil Pea. We designed traps and then used the resources around us to create the traps to stop the Evil Pea from causing more trouble.

    We looked at a storyboard and created our own stories remembering to include who was there, where they were and what were they doing.

    This week, Supertato is training the vegetables ready for their sports day...just like us!

    We can't wait to see how Supertato is going to help us with our science week.

    But remember, some vegetables are frozen for a very good reason, so keep an eye out for the Evil Pea in case he is causing trouble....BIG trouble.


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  • March is a time for celebration

    Published 21/03/18, by Admin

    This half term has definitely been the time of celebration.


    We have enjoyed celebrating Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day, Shrove Tuesday, Persian New Year, Mother's Day, Spring and Easter.


    A huge thank you to all the parents that have been involved in all our celebrations. 

    If that wasn't enough, Zog decided to build a nest in our garden - it created a lot of talk to start with as we didn't know who had made it.

    Finally, we are loving the celebration that the sun has appeared and we are all enjoying the newly renovated outdoor area. Here's to a fantastic summer term!

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  • ESafety Week

    Published 01/03/18, by Admin

    To learn about safety when using the computer and internet, Reception covered lots of activities,

    They used the beebot to practice simple programming and made 3D bees to remind us to Bee Safe when using the internet.

    During guided reading, we read a book called Penguinpig, It was about a little girl who found an amazing creature on the internet and wanted to meet it even though the messages where from someone that she didn't know. We learnt that sometimes people try to trick us on the internet so to always talk to an adult if you are unsure or concerned about something you see.

    We went into the computer suite and tried to design our own new animal by combining different animal using our mouse skills.

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  • Music Day

    Published 30/01/18, by Admin

    Reception really enjoyed music day. They were able to experience different musical instruments, listen to different types of music (whilst writing a review), attend a Boomwacker workshop, made their own personalised instruments and finished the day with a celebration assembly of all the events.

    The following day we continued the musical theme by using our own instruments that we had made, performed in a Boomwacker orchestra and showed our rhythmic side during circle time.

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