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  • Splish! Splash!

    Published 14/04/21, by Lynne Solomon

    Water, Water everywhere.

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  • Science Day

    Published 23/03/21, by Lynne Solomon

    Can we save Humpty Dumpty from cracking when walking the plank?

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  • World Book Day.

    Published 05/03/21, by Lynne Solomon

    Read a Rainbow!

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  • Ahoy, me hearties!

    Published 26/02/21, by Lynne Solomon

    Pirates and Dinosaurs!

    On Monday Mrs Prosser found lots of items a pirate might use left in her cupboard, how strange! We had a think about what we already knew about pirates and read the book 'Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs' by Giles Andreae. Throughout the week we have created pirate names for ourselves and written a list of the things we would need if we wanted to be a pirate. We practised reading some key words linked to our topic, as we did this we stomped around the room chanting our sea shanty:

    Yo ho ho!

    Yo ho ho!

    Pirate Dinosaurs

    Go! Go! Go!

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  • Devices down day in Reception

    Published 07/02/21, by Andy Mari

    Devices Down Day' proved to be a very busy but enjoyable day for Reception children. We started our day with cake decorating and drawing our self-portraits. In the afternoon we went on a scavenger hunt to creature corner and made bird feeders to encourage the local wildlife to our school. We finished the day with a disco. It was great fun!


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  • We are Kings and Queens!

    Published 29/01/21, by Lynne Solomon

    As part of our 'Fact or Fiction?' topic we have spent the last few weeks looking at a non-fiction book about Castles called 'In the Castle'. We are now able to describe the different parts of the castle and know that they were built a very long time ago.

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  • Magic Beans!

    Published 18/01/21, by Lynne Solomon

    Our topic this term is Fact or Fiction. We are learning about traditional/fairy tales and how they are different to non-fiction. 

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  • Numicon pattern making.

    Published 03/12/20, by Lynne Solomon

    In maths this term the children have been using Numicon to support them with their learning. Numicon is a great tool that helps children to understand about size order and number without having to think about the numerals. Each piece of Numicon has its own unique shape and colour.

    This week we have been looking more closely at the different shapes and seeing if we can recreate them using special pegs on the Numicon boards. We had to think carefully about where we could start and how we could test if we had made the right shape. The children showed us that they could match and re-create the different Numicon patterns and test their work by placing the Numicon piece over the peg. The children were encouraged to talk about their work and how they can prove their answers.

    Great work Reception!

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  • Diwali Celebrations

    Published 20/11/20, by Lynne Solomon

    How do people celebrate Diwali?


    This week we have been learning about the festival of Diwali, it means 'The Festival of Lights'. We read a story about a little boy called Dipal who explained how his family got ready for and celebrated Diwali. We learnt about the Sita and Rama story which this festival is founded on.

    Throughout the week during child initiated learning we have been decorating Mendhi hands, making Rangoli patterns with rice and chalk and making flower garlands as part of the celebrations. On Thursday a lady came to teach us how to decorate Diya's and showed us how to do some Bollywood dancing. On Friday we tasted Chappati's and Mrs Kaur came to explain to us how she celebrates Diwali at home.

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  • Science Fun!

    Published 06/11/20, by Lynne Solomon

    The Magic Porridge Pot Explosion!!!


    This week in Literacy we have been reading the story 'The Magic Porridge Pot'. Before sharing the story with the children on Monday we showed them a little experiment. The children made predictions about what might happen when we mixed together vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. The children then used their knowledge of what happened in the experiment to predict what might happen in the story. 

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  • Spooktacular Week!

    Published 20/10/20, by Lynne Solomon

    Funny Bones!


    This week in Reception we have been reading the book 'Funny Bones' by Janet and Allan Ahlberg. We have been naming the different bones in our bodies and thinking about why our skeleton is so important. We looked at the different speech bubbles in the story and created some of our own. Later in the week we will be thinking about what activities or objects may scare us and sorting them into different groups. During choosing time we have experienced a range of spooky activities such as writing with bones and blood(aka watery paint), played in a haunted castle, created some disgusting mud potions, and dug up animal bones in the sandpit. 

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  • Little Red Hen - Willow Class

    Published 06/10/20, by Lynne Solomon

    We've been on a treasure hunt!

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