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  • Toy Time

    Published 25/01/18, by Admin

    We asked the children what they would like to learn about and following the excitement of Christmas, they asked to learn more about toys.

    So toy shops were created in the classrooms to enhance role play and lots of investigation started place.

    This half term we will be covering what they already know about toys, designing our own toys, learning about how toys are made, looking at technology within toys, making our own toys and finally analysing different toys to see if we can make them better,

    Look out for these in class!

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  • A magical treat for Reception

    Published 18/12/17, by Admin

    Reception were amazed at their class party this week with a special performance from a magician.

    There were shrieks of laughter and surprise when he managed to connect metal circle together, changed socks in his magic washing machine and made balloon animals.

    What a great end of term treat!

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  • Snowman at Sunset

    Published 07/12/17, by Admin

    What a bunch of star performers we have in Reception!

    They all showed amazing courage and were really brave in performing their show of 'Snowman at Sunset'. There was singing. dancing and acting from all the children. They made us all very proud.

    The children particularly liked the giant pop up snowman and snow machine during the performance.

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  • A very precious gift

    Published 23/11/17, by Admin

    To promote the love of reading, we invited a special guest into our school. Imke from the Stevenage library came to visit Reception.

    We were very lucky as she spent some time telling us about the library, showing us what a library card looks like and explained that you could borrow 30 books at a time over a 3 week period! She showed us different sorts of books as well including board books, books with big print and books with braille in.

    She then read 2 stories. She was so impressed with our behaviour that she gave each child a book to take home to enjoy with their adults. Hope you all enjoy 'The Bumble Bear'.

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  • What a display!

    Published 18/10/17, by Admin

    We are so proud of our children and the talent that they have in lots of different areas but we were in awe of this Kandinsky inspired  artwork that they created together.

    They selected their own colours and painted big bold shapes to create this magnificent piece of artwork. 

    It is situated in front of the den.

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  • Fantastic start to reception

    Published 07/09/17, by Admin

    Wow - What an amazing start to the year!

    We have been so impressed with how the children have settled into a routine already. We have loved to watch them investigate both the outdoor and indoor provision together with both new and old friends.

    The children have been in their key worker groups talking about school rules, house points and marbles and the different learning in each of the areas around the provision.

    We are really excited about teaching your children this year!

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  • We're not scared!

    Published 19/07/17, by Admin

    We’re going on a bear hunt, We’re going to catch a big one, what a beautiful day! We’re not scared.

    We definitely were not scared as the whole of early years showed our value this month of courage as we went on an adventure to the theatre.

    We boarded the buses at Roebuck shops and travelled to the Gordon Craig theatre to watch the show. The children were really excited and starting to enjoy their snack bags before we even got into the theatre!

    The show was amazing and all the children especially loved the interactive parts. Maybe not the adults, when they got the water guns out to share the experience of crossing the river!

    Thank you to all the parents that came with us to help. We hope all the children share this experience with you. This trip would not have been possible without the financial support from the former youth mayor of Stevenage, Emma Chapman. Thank you Emma – you definitely helped create memories for these children.

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  • Superhero June

    Published 23/06/17, by Admin

    June has been superhero month in Reception. We started the month by thinking about our dad's and special people. We used our physical and creative skills to make one in a minion cards and super pattern ties for our heros at home.

    Following this, the children came into class to find a real superhero...Supertato! The children loved designing and creating traps to capture the Evil Pea. They have also brought the veggies to life by creating speech bubbles.

    We are looking forward to next week where we will be involved in Aspiration Week. We can't wait to see what the children want to be when they are older as they will be dressing up as this job on Wednesday.

    We know that there is so much talent in Reception and this will be seen in our talent show next week - Good luck!

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  • Fabulous Fantastic Finish

    Published 26/05/17, by Admin

    What a fantastic way to finish our learning about transport!

    The children worked so hard to learn their words and clearly speak to the many parents and relatives that came to watch their performance.

    What a lot they have learnt over a topic that they chose themselves and have been really engaged in what Max the driver would board next.

    A big thank you to all the visitors that have come in to share their experiences of different modes of transport. The children were especially excited to have the opportunity to sit on a motorbike with three wheels!

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  • Terrific Transport

    Published 26/04/17, by Admin

    Reception asked to learn about transport so that is what we are doing.

    Max sent us a video message telling us that he is a driver of different modes of transport. He started by giving us clues to what he was driving. We started by learning about cars. The children told us what they knew about cars and then what they wanted to learn that week.

    They all enjoyed looking and learning about Mrs Howard’s car. They were even pretending to drive it even if the car did end of with a flat battery. Good learning for all of us!

    This week, Max is flying an aeroplane and the children have told us about their experiences. They continue to amaze us with their eagerness to learn new things and try different experiences, even if it can be a bit tricky at times.

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  • Mother's Day Special

    Published 26/03/17, by Admin

    It was hard to not have a warm fuzzy feeling inside as Reception told their mums and nans just how much they love them during their Fantastic Finish.

    The children showcased their writing and drawing skills as well as their communication as every child spoke into a microphone to say thank you to a special person at home to celebrate Mother's Day.

    The children also enjoyed sharing their Mother's Day songs that they had learnt for their performance and was apparent that they knew all about mum's telling them off....oops!

    Thank you to everyone that was able to attend. The children love showing you all what they have learnt at school.

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  • Fabulous February

    Published 01/03/17, by Admin

    Reception are half way through the Spring term now and they have continued to WOW the adults.

    To start the month, we finished off our topic on toys. The children loved making their toy that they had designed in previous weeks and tested them out. The children are really starting to think and share their ideas with both friends and adults.

    The children returned after half term to start learning again. We have started to explore the North Pole and talking about going on an expedition. We have been thinking about healthy food that we could take on our expedition that would give us energy. We have also been talking about the different things that we would see like the different animals that live in cold places.

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