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Reception Blog

June 2021

  • Water Fun!

    Published 25/06/21, by Admin

    Somebody Swallowed Stanley!

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  • Geography Week

    Published 10/06/21, by Admin

    What a wonderful world!

    This week across the school it has been Geography Week. In Reception, we have learnt about the different types of houses that we live in. We created a mind map about what makes Stevenage special, the football stadium, the cinema, the shops, the theatre and Fairlands Park, to name a few. We then looked at some photographs that had been taken in and around Stevenage. Later in the week we looked at the features of our country, we watched some videos showing the birds eye view of costal regions, cities and the lake district. We talked about what we could see and about the similarities and differences there were between each of the areas. We also used Google Earth to zoom into the school and different places across the UK. We even zoomed into Africa and noticed how the land and features were very different to the UK.

    On Thursday we had an extra special treat of a camping adventure on the school field. We were able to go into a tent with a friend, we sat around a campfire singing songs and reading stories. Mrs Solomon and Mrs Prosser toasted marshmallows for us to eat. What a fun week it has been!

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  • Sports Day Reception Classes

    Published 10/06/21, by Admin

    What fun we had!

    This morning we went to the school field and joined Mr Moran for Sports Day. It was a very sunny day, so we made sure we had our hats, water bottles and that we were all wearing sun cream.

    We got in to our House Teams and wore a special band to show the colour of our house. Mr Moran had arranged 4 team activities and a race for us to complete.

    Activity 1 was an obstacle relay where we had to weave around poles, jump in hoops, walk along the balance bench, run along the ladder and jump over a small stand. 

    Activity 2 was Target Throwing. We had three balls and had to throw them onto a target. A point was earnt for every ball that stuck to the target.

    Activity 3 was Pass the Hoop. We had to stand in a circle and hold hands. We had to pass the hoop around the circle weaving it up and over each of us. It was important not to let go of each other's hands.

    Activity 4 was a Ball Dribble where we had to dribble the ball around the obstacles back to the start point.

    The final activity was a running race where each house team took it in turns to run the race.

    We had lots of fun and enjoyed cheering on our friends.

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