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Exploring Space in Year 1

Wow! What a great start back to Year One zooming straight into our Space Topic!  We have been reading "The Way Back Home" by Oliver Jeffers and have been writing some fantastic sentences about the little boys unexpected journey to the moon.  In Maths, we have made sure we are being extremely accurate, as we have been measuring using 1cm cubes.  We have been lining up the cubes very carefully so that they are the same as a ruler.  This has helped us to make comparisons and use language such as "longer", "shorter" and "equal".  We are practising our joining skills in Design and Technology, ready to make hand puppets in a few weeks (we can't wait to show you them!)  We have used glue and staples to join two pieces of fabric together and discussed which was stronger.  Using a stapler was tricky, and we needed to make sure we were very safe when attaching the fabrics together.  We have also learnt how to draw a continuous line drawing of our friends, remembering not to take our pencil off of the paper...can you see who we have drawn!

In Year One, we are explorers!

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