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An afternoon of poo!

This afternoon, children in Year 3 were archaeologists as part of our stunning start for our new topic ‘Sticks, Stones and Ancient Bones.’ Firstly, we learnt about what an archaeologist is and thought about the skills that they need to possess. We were then set a very special mission by ‘Eric the Archaeologist’ to practise some of these skills on some ‘real’ evidence.

We were shocked to discover that this was Roman and Stone Age poo! After getting over the initial shock and having a chat about health and safety, we put on our gloves, picked up our tools and set to work excavating the poo to determine what people in the Stone Age ate.

The afternoon was enjoyed by all and it was an exciting start to the topic. At the end of the lesson, Mrs Thomas confessed that they hadn’t actually been set a mission by Eric- she had made the poo in her kitchen out of play dough. She had us all fooled but we still learned a lot!