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What a ‘Mantle’ Week!

In science, we explored fossil formation. Can you ask your child, “Are dinosaurs real? Prove it!”

In English, we finished our newspaper reports about the destruction of Pompeii and began to explore the features of a non-chronological report (fact file). Can you ask your child, “What’s the purpose of a non-chronological report? Why is there a hook?”

In maths, we have continued our work on fractions. We have been looking at ways to find equivalent and simplified fractions. Can you ask your child, “What does equivalent mean? Can you tell me how we can find an equivalent fraction?”

In geography, we delved deep into the structure of the Earth. We made our own Earth’s and cut them down the middle to show the layers. Can you ask your child, “What are the four layers called? Can you tell me a fact about each layer?”

We also finished our incredible, pop art inspired prints of volcanoes that we created with an amazing artist, who visited our school, called Amanda.

Well done, Year 3!

Miss Wildgoose and Miss Whitfield

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