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Sicily Here We Come!

In science, we began our new unit on plants. We reminded ourselves about the parts of a plant and their functions. Can you ask your child, “Can you tell me about a part of a plant and its function?” 

In English, we are writing a holiday brochure to encourage people to travel to Sicily. To learn more about what Sicily has to offer, we went on a ‘plane’ to see it for ourselves. Within this experience, we listened to Italian music, drooled over scrumptious food, visited the ruins and bathed in the warm sun. Can you ask your child, “What features do holiday brochures have? Why would you want to visit Sicily?”  

In maths, we have been understanding how to find the area and perimeter of shapes. We have also been learning how to use short methods to identify the area of a rectangle.  Can you ask your child, “How do you find the perimeter and area of a shape?” 

In art, we have been exploring an artist called Yosia Kusama, where we created a double page spread displaying the patterns, colours and pumpkins that she regularly uses within her work. 

Before half term, we wrote recipes and used them to bake our own rock cakes, which we ate and evaluated. They were delicious!  

Well done for a fantastic first week back! 

Mrs Norman and Miss Whitfield  

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