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  • History makers

    Published 12/05/23, by Andy Mari

    On Friday 5th Y2 celebrated the Coronation of King Charles III by making crowns in the morning and having a "street party" in the afternoon. It was lovely to celebrate together with eating, talking and dancing. At Roebuck we are celebrating being a part of history! 

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  • Year 2 at the Tower of London.

    Published 22/04/23, by Andy Mari

    On Tuesday 18th April Year 2 went to the Tower of London. They visited the tower as an exciting start to their new History topic, which is all about kings and queens. They were able to learn about how the tower has been used as a palace, a fortress and a prison by walking around in their groups. They did a workshop where they learned about being a knight, including what dancing was like in the 1300s. They also worked together to protect the "Crown Jewels." At Roebuck we are historians! 

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  • Latest news in Year 2

    Published 15/04/23, by Andy Mari

    Year 2 have been enjoying their art unit this half term. They have been improving their drawing and painting skills through a range of tasks. They have done some weaving, looked at the work of Clarice Cliff and Nancy McCroskey and created their own versions of these artist's work. Currently they are in the middle of painting rollercoasters. At Roebuck we are artists! 

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  • Fantastic finish in Year 2

    Published 10/03/23, by Andy Mari

    On Wednesday 1st March Year 2 held their Fantastic Finishes workshop. Children enjoyed showing their parents and carers what they had been learning about in Geography last half term. The children carried out a variety of arts and crafts such as making lanterns, origami animals, lucky envelopes and Chinese writing and numbers. At Roebuck we are geographers!

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  • Poetry in Year 2

    Published 25/02/23, by Andy Mari

    Year 2 have begun a new topic in Literacy called If I Were in Charge of the World. We started the week with find a shape where we had to match up the different parts of the poem to the description of it. We've also had a go at reading and comparing two different poems. We had lots of ideas of what we would do if we were in charge of the world! At Roebuck we are poets. 

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  • Times tables in Year 2.

    Published 12/02/23, by Andy Mari

    Year 2 have been working hard in maths on their 2,3, 5 and 10 times tables. They've been using a variety of methods to answer multiplication questions including skip counting, dotty paper and using arrays to recognise that multiplication is commutative. They've really enjoyed trying to beat the number of questions they can answer on Hit the Button on the topmarks website! At Roebuck we are mathematicians. 

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  • Busy week in Year 2

    Published 28/01/23, by Andy Mari

    In Literacy this week we started our new topic of The Magic Paintbrush, which links with our topic of China. We watched a video and looked at pictures of Chinese flowers, boats, buildings, animals of the zodiac and some Chinese writing. Next we tried to recreate these pictures in our “sand” just like Shen did in the story.

    We were also able to take part in Herts College Frozen workshop. We took part in some activities which were looking at helping develop our awareness of recycling and ecology.

    At Roebuck We are creative. 

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  • Chinese Dragon Dance in Year 2

    Published 14/01/23, by Andy Mari

    This week Year 2 have started their Geography topic on China. They started the week by finding China on the map and looking at what other countries were nearby. They learned a little about some of the landmarks of China and then enjoyed a workshop on Thursday. At their workshop they listened to the myth of how the animals of the zodiac were chosen, they did a fan dance which was linked with Tai Chi and then they took part in a Chinese dragon dance before finishing with a quiz.

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  • Christmas activities in Year 2

    Published 19/12/22, by Andy Mari

    This week in year two we finished editing our non-fiction writing on hibernating animals which we had spent the last couple of weeks completing. We also started looking at multiplication and division in maths, so we will be looking out for lots of practise on TTRockstars! Pine class also spent some time making their peg people in art whilst in music we were learning how to play our Christmas song HO HO HO on glockenspiels, with amazing results. The week ended in a very festive manner, making our placemats, and having a lovely Christmas party. Thanks to all parents for the lovely selection of food brought in, we had a great time!!

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  • Christmas Journey in Year 2

    Published 03/12/22, by Andy Mari

    Year 2 attended Bridge Builders the Christmas Journey this week. They heard the story of the first Christmas and moved around hearing from different people who were there at the time- Anna and Simeon, the shepherds, the Magi and Mary and Joseph. At each station they listened then had a short activity to do.  The children enjoyed the mornings and were behaved impeccably. 

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  • Visitors in Year 2

    Published 19/11/22, by Andy Mari

    Year 2 have had a busy week. They had Books and Breakfast on Monday morning. Thank you so much to the adults who came to join us and share stories with the children.

    Then on Thursday morning they had a visit from Stevenage fire service to talk to us about their work. We found out all about the different roles that they do, the equipment they carry, the clothes they wear and what they do when they are waiting for a call out. They also let us ask lots of questions!

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  • Zoolab in Year 2

    Published 06/11/22, by Andy Mari

    Our new topic in Science is about animals and their habitats so on Monday 31st October Zoolab visited us and brought some different animals to show us. They brought a snake, a tarantula, a gecko and a rat. We found out lots about each animal, such as what it eats, where in the world it could be found as well as interesting facts about each animal.  Some of us were very brave and held or touched some of the animals. We asked some interesting questions too.

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