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  • Year 2-The Owl who was afraid of the dark.

    Published 24/09/22, by Andy Mari

    Year 2 are reading 'The Owl who was afraid of the dark' and in the story Plop the Owl has a campfire. We decided to have our own campfire so that we could generate some exciting language that we were able to use in our next literacy lesson.

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  • "Always hold your head high like a sunflower that stretches toward the light" Malene Rossau

    Published 11/07/22, by Andy Mari
    We have worked a lot on positivity and sunflowers this week - they have been very important in our learning!
    In PSHE we have thought out positive relationships and who is important to us.  We made a class wreath of leaves.
    It's Art and DT week at Roebuck and we have been chefs and artists, creating soups and t shirts!  We have learnt how to cut, grate and peel vegetables safely using different equipment.  We used the claw grip when doing this to make sure we didn't hurt ourselves, as the knives were very sharp!
    In Art we are taking inspiration from Japanese artist Takashi Murakami and  we are in the process of making our very own Tie Dye T Shirts.  We will be adding a flower print to them this week and we can't wait to show you the final product!
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  • Updated news in Year 2.

    Published 08/06/22, by Andy Mari

    A lot of interesting, interactive and inspirational learning has been happening in Year 2 over the past few weeks.

    In DT we have been thinking about levers and pivots, we looked at different everyday objects that used levers and pivots and then made our own MOVING MONSTERS! 

    We learnt about World Ocean Day too, and how we can protect and save the oceans.  We had a Lion King Workshop where we learnt a new dance and then took part in a number of activities based around looking after the planet and being kind to the Oceans and Nature.  We went fishing to remove plastic from the oceans, went recycling in the rainforest to clear the litter, made our own turtle and pinned a tusk on an elephant!

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  • Lego workshop

    Published 22/05/22, by Andy Mari

    What an exciting time we have had at Roebuck this week, Bob from the Lego workshop came in to teach us how to use different building techniques to create roof structures on our houses. Once we had made a building, we stuck it to a lego board and added gardens, driveways and even swimming pools. Finally, we put all our creations together along a giant road and watched how it transformed into a Lego City. At Roebuck, we are Engineers!


    Later, to help us with our phonics, Yellow I visited us from Monster Phonics Land to test our knowledge on the 'I' sounds. We helped her collect lots of words around the hall, and then she challenged us to a spelling game - we managed to get all our words right and win the game! At Roebuck, we are brilliant readers!


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  • Vanquished Dragon!

    Published 04/05/22, by Andy Mari

    What a scary time we have had in year 2 -a dragon dared to enter our classrooms!!! However, our brave knights took up their swords and worked together to capture him before he could breathe fire on all the furniture. We used our experience to generate lots of vocabulary: describing our sharp weapons, the swift actions we took and how nervous we all felt.

    Once we knew we were safe, we were able to concentrate on our other learning and had lots of fun in maths. We have been exploring shapes and how to count in different units of measurement. First, learning to use a ruler to draw in centimetres and metres. Then we used weighing scales to measure in grams and kilograms. With the Jubilee bake off round the corner, our year 2's now have all the skills they need to help weigh the ingredients needed to bake a delicious cake at home!

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  • Knights, Castles and Royal Blood!

    Published 24/04/22, by Andy Mari

    What an exciting start back to Year 2 we have had! Our classrooms have been transformed into castles, with a knight guarding the rooms to stop any dangerous dragons from creeping in. We have been describing how ferocious and fearsome they are in our new literacy topic 'Knights, Castles and Royal Blood'.


    We launched our new topic for science 'The Apprentice Gardener' with a fun RE and Science lesson learning about the Zoastrian celebration of Nowruz. We learnt how Nowruz marks the beginning of spring and is celebrated with a 'Sofaray' display that contains lots of objects that represent new life, such as herbs, fruits, eggs and flowers. We then tried some middle Eastern fruits of dates and honey dew melon -we ate these in the traditional way of sitting on the floor next to a long tablecloth. Next week we will be growing our own plants so we can observe how they grow. 

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  • Train Driver in Year 2

    Published 24/03/22, by Andy Mari

    What a busy few weeks in Year 2 - the sun is shining; spring is here and we are getting ready for the Summer. With the help of Students from North Herts college we went down to the school allotments and helped cleared the ground and planted some vegetables ready for next terms science topic 'How Things Grow'. It was a lovely sunny day, so we didn't mind being out and getting our hands muddy!

    In year 2 we are learning to be train drivers! Mr McGrath is a real train driver who came to tell us all about what he does in his role. He even let us sit the train driver 'test' so we could see if we would be able to do his job. He showed us lots of training videos so we could learn different routes cross England, while explaining to us what all the controls in the cabin did. 

    In maths, we have been learning to tell the time. Counting in 5's along the numerals and understanding the difference between the minute and hour hand. Why not challenge us at home to see if we can tell you the time!

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  • Latest news in Year 2

    Published 12/03/22, by Andy Mari

    This week Year 2 had the pleasure of a visitor called Phil from the RNLI. Our topic this half term is ‘Journeys’ and it was brilliant to hear about some facts and see some flags that the RNLI use to keep everybody safe when they visit the seaside. He mentioned the story of Grace Darling and how brave she was saving people from the sea, which is where our next Literacy unit links very well to the RNLI. Thank you for visiting us.

    We had our ‘Books and Blankets’ morning on Monday. It was lovely to see so many children and adults reading together. Thank you to all that came. We look forward to the next event, whenever that can be!

    Last Friday for World Book Day, Year 2 took inspiration from Dr Suess’ and decided to make Green Eggs and Ham. We wrote some instructions about how we could make these in the morning and then lots of brave children tried them that afternoon after making them. It was brilliant to see everyone dressed up and immersing themselves in the essence of the day.

    In Maths, we have been learning about Money. Recognising the value of different coins and notes. We even played shopkeepers to buy items from each other.

    Elsewhere, we have started to build our own Ferris Wheels in DT and in science are continuing to understand materials and how they are used.

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  • The Marvellous, Squishy Itty Bitty

    Published 26/02/22, by Andy Mari

    Year 2 have had a delicious, scrumptious and marvellous start to this half-term! We have started our new literacy book, The Marvellous, Squishy Itty Bitty and have been following Eddie on her journey round the village to find her mum a gift. One of her first stops is the local bakery so we decided the best way to immerse ourselves in the experience was to eat lots of crumbly, flaky crispy pastries ourselves!

    We have begun our new topic ‘Journeys’ and have begun learning how George Stevenson was considered the 'father of the railways' with his invention of the Steam Engine. This half-term we will be creating a timeline of his career to better understand how his invention affected how we travel today.

    Also, this week we were lucky to receive a visit from a real artist. She taught us a printing technique using polystyrene to create prints of the Great Fire of London -they looked sensational!

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  • Year 2 news.

    Published 30/01/22, by Andy Mari

    There seems to be a really good buzz in Year 2 at the moment. In Literacy, we created some wonderful stories based on the book we were focusing on called “The Magic Paintbrush’. We are all authors in Year 2!

    We are now focusing on a non-chronological report about Singapore. We will then take our understanding of how they are written and write our own about China in the coming weeks. To prepare us for this we managed to face time one of Mrs Renouf’s old colleagues who lives in Singapore to tell us all about the food, animals and way of living out there.

    In Maths, we have completed our Unit on Multiplication and Division. We have since looked at the 2-x table, and we have started to focus on the 3-x table this week.

    In Science, we have continued to learn more about ‘Growing Up’. We have been really enjoying this topic and was great to see so many photos of everyone as babies and the changes that have happened to us……. though many of us still look exactly the same!

    We have all made our Chinese money pouches, and it was great to see the children develop these sewing skills.

    Elsewhere, we have continued looking at Dreams and Goals and how we can start to achieve these in PSHE, and we have been developing our Gymnastics skills in PE.

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  • Year 2 post

    Published 16/01/22, by Andy Mari

    Year 2 has felt a really exciting place since we have come back from the Christmas break. We have a new topic, ‘Lets go to China’ and the children have been so engaged with all that they have been learning so far. Year 2 have been busy researching where China is, some of the key landmarks and starting to look at some cultural aspects of the country.

    In Literacy we are looking at a book that is also linked to China and we can’t wait to read the children’s stories when they write theirs up next week. We started our unit by drawing Chinese numbers in some sand.

    In Maths, we have started a new Unit on Multiplication and Division and the children have been working really hard recognising the differences and strategies used to be able to work these problems out.

    In Science our new topic is ‘Growing Up’. In the coming weeks we will be investigating how and what changes are made to our bodies from being a baby, until we grow up into adults.

    We have also been busy learning how to complete and running stitch in our Design and Technology lessons. We will be making Chinese money pouches using our new skills that we have learnt.

    Elsewhere, we have started looking at our Dreams and Goals and how we can start to achieve these in PSHE. We have been developing skills in PE in Gymnastics and in Computing we have started looking at different Questioning strategies that can be used.

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  • Year 2 Christmas Journey

    Published 06/12/21, by Andy Mari

    Christmas has arrived in Year 2! We have begun our new story Meerkat Christmas and are following Sunny on his journey around the world in search of the perfect Christmas! We have been learning about the birth of Jesus in RE and were lucky enough to be invited to St Peters Church where we met the characters from the Christmas story. Reverend Kate took us on a journey around the church to meet the Shepherds, the Three Wise Men, Mary and Joseph and Baby Jesus himself!


    In science this term we have been exploring habitats, understanding food chains and learning about life cycles. We went on a scientific expedition to Creature Corner where we explored the different habitats looking for insects, plants and creatures. We found many micro habitats and learnt how they all work together to keep each other alive. Next, we are hoping to grow our own plants and discover how they change as they grow! 

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