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Bread making in Year 2

The Great Fire of London started in Thomas Farringdon's bakers shop, so what better way to begin our topic than by learning how to make bread. We spent the week writing up our ingredients, equipment lists and the method, so we were ready to be chefs. We weighed our flour, mixed in our water and watched as the yeast expanded the dough. The smell of warm delicious bread wafted through the classrooms ready to be eaten that evening -they were scrumptious!

In Design and Technology we have been creating a chair for Samuel Pepys; he wrote a diary about the Great Fire of London, so he did a lot of sitting! We have been using paper to test different shapes and structures to see which idea will be the strongest. This week we placed lots of paper tubes together like a honeycomb to see if together they would be stronger than one tube. Not only were we right, but it was so strong we could stand on it!

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