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Year 2 post

Year 2 has felt a really exciting place since we have come back from the Christmas break. We have a new topic, ‘Lets go to China’ and the children have been so engaged with all that they have been learning so far. Year 2 have been busy researching where China is, some of the key landmarks and starting to look at some cultural aspects of the country.

In Literacy we are looking at a book that is also linked to China and we can’t wait to read the children’s stories when they write theirs up next week. We started our unit by drawing Chinese numbers in some sand.

In Maths, we have started a new Unit on Multiplication and Division and the children have been working really hard recognising the differences and strategies used to be able to work these problems out.

In Science our new topic is ‘Growing Up’. In the coming weeks we will be investigating how and what changes are made to our bodies from being a baby, until we grow up into adults.

We have also been busy learning how to complete and running stitch in our Design and Technology lessons. We will be making Chinese money pouches using our new skills that we have learnt.

Elsewhere, we have started looking at our Dreams and Goals and how we can start to achieve these in PSHE. We have been developing skills in PE in Gymnastics and in Computing we have started looking at different Questioning strategies that can be used.

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