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Year 2 news.

There seems to be a really good buzz in Year 2 at the moment. In Literacy, we created some wonderful stories based on the book we were focusing on called “The Magic Paintbrush’. We are all authors in Year 2!

We are now focusing on a non-chronological report about Singapore. We will then take our understanding of how they are written and write our own about China in the coming weeks. To prepare us for this we managed to face time one of Mrs Renouf’s old colleagues who lives in Singapore to tell us all about the food, animals and way of living out there.

In Maths, we have completed our Unit on Multiplication and Division. We have since looked at the 2-x table, and we have started to focus on the 3-x table this week.

In Science, we have continued to learn more about ‘Growing Up’. We have been really enjoying this topic and was great to see so many photos of everyone as babies and the changes that have happened to us……. though many of us still look exactly the same!

We have all made our Chinese money pouches, and it was great to see the children develop these sewing skills.

Elsewhere, we have continued looking at Dreams and Goals and how we can start to achieve these in PSHE, and we have been developing our Gymnastics skills in PE.

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