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  • A busy week in Year 4

    Published 28/01/23, by Andy Mari

    It has been another busy week in Year 4!  During science, we have been finding out how sounds travel. We carried out experiments to explore this. One included using string telephones which allowed us to find out that when the string was tight the sound travelled better. 

    In PSHE, we have started our Brain Buddies sessions during which we started talking about our emotions and how we can deal with them. We focused on 'emotion surfing’ which focuses on using waves to think about our emotions. The wave will be high, but it won’t last - the emotion will pass. We used the words - It’s okay. It will pass. I’m okay - to focus our minds and help.   

    In our Computing sessions, we created two dimensional shapes using Logo commands.  

    On Wednesday, we were lucky enough to take part in a workshop run by North Hertfordshire College. The session had a Frozen theme and had a focus on saving the environment and the importance of keeping fit. We all had a great time completing the activities.  

    Another fun afternoon involved each class becoming detectives. Our task was to find out how Tutankhamun died. We knew that he was 19 when he died but there were three different theories as to how he died - accident, illness or murder! We enjoyed using the evidence and making connections between them before coming up with conclusions.  

    In Year 4, we are detectives!  

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  • Busy start to Spring Term for Year 4.

    Published 14/01/23, by Andy Mari

    Year 4 have settled into being back at school after the holidays successfully and are enjoying the start to our new learning topics for this half term.


    In History, we began our new topic on the Ancient Egyptians by creating our own timelines to visually represent all of the significant civilisations, events and people that we could recall from our prior learning then built on this by including some important dates related to Ancient Egypt. We found out that hieroglyphics were used for communication and writing in Ancient Egypt and used these to create our every own cartouche designs depicting our names. We have also been finding out about how the pyramids were built in Ancient Egypt and are very much looking forward to our Ancient Egyptians workshop later this half term!


    In Science we have relished the opportunity to experiment with sound and have enjoyed carrying out investigations into pitch, volume, continuity and repetition to create sounds with different combinations of characteristics. This topic links well with our Music learning for this half term which focuses on songs with positive messages and without a doubt, we will be using our voices to create some impressive sounds with our singing and even some rapping this half term.


    In Maths we have relished new challenges related to fractions and developing our fluency in identifying and solving problems involving mixed number and improper fractions. So far we have explore, identified and converted mixed and improper fractions and this will undoubtedly stand us in good stead for our problem-solving sessions. In Literacy we have been highly engaged in our reading and writing linked to the tale of Aladdin and fantasy stories and we will be moving on to planning and writing our own fantastic versions of these tales.

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  • Latest news in Year 4

    Published 19/12/22, by Andy Mari

    It has been another busy week in Year 4. In Literacy, we have been planning and writing our own poems based on ‘The Small Dragon’ poem that we sentence stacked last week. The children have been very creative with the creatures they have found.  

    In Science, we have been learning about invertebrates and have been using their features to categorise them as well as creating our own keys to sort them.  

    During Art lessons, we have been creating our own wax resist pictures based on the ‘drawing with scissor’ lesson we completed last week. We have really enjoyed trying this method.  

    We have also had fun playing in the snow as well as keeping warm and playing games in the classroom at break times.  


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  • Latest news in Year 4

    Published 03/12/22, by Andy Mari

    Year 4 have been learning about coding in computing. We have been challenged to create our own coding blocks to create different effects. This week, we linked these to our work on habitats in Science by creating a sequence which would return a lost animal to it’s natural habitat. Once mastered, we will combine and apply a range of elements to create our own digital games.

    In Literacy, we enjoyed interviewing one another and writing balanced arguments in response to the question ‘Should children wear non-uniform to school every day?’ We have learned how to present our ideas effectively to inform and engage the reader and have been able to explore and refine our use of formal and technical vocabulary.

    In music, we have enjoyed playing the glockenspiels as a solo, in small groups and as a whole class. We have been practising reading musical notation and have progressed from accompanying a few bars to a whole song!

    In Art this week, we were inspired by the work of Henri Matisse and in particular a piece called ‘The Circus’ in which he used paper cut outs to create a collaged composition. Matisse called this ‘drawing with scissors’. We applied this technique to our own compositions in which we explored proportion, overlapping, interlocking elements and aspects of tone.

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  • Latest news in Year 4.

    Published 21/11/22, by Andy Mari

    It has been another busy week in Year 4. We started the week writing our Myths. We have all planned our own stories with a different hero, beast and challenges along the way. We have really enjoyed this unit especially when we got to freeze frame the battle scene!  

    Tuesday morning started with Books and Breakfast. It was lovely to have so many family members come in and we enjoyed having time to share and read books with them. 

    In Maths, we started a new unit - long division. To help us to understand what is happening to the numbers, we made use of dienes to make our numbers and then divided them. It was great fun and really helped us to understand the calculation.  

    We are really enjoying our Science topic this term. We had fun making use of an alien key to help identify different aliens. Next, we moved on to keys about pond life creatures. Some of us used the key to classify the animals whilst others of us tried to create our own key based on the features of the creature. This was quite tricky as we really had to think about how we could separate the creatures into different categories.   

    During Geography this week, we created our own leaflets about key geographical features of each continent. We enjoyed finding out interesting facts about different countries.  

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  • Building Pavillions in Year 4

    Published 06/11/22, by Andy Mari

    Year 4 kicked off the new half-term in creative style with a DT Day! We followed our designs which included aerial and elevation views to create an array of pavilions for a range of purposes and audiences. We were challenged to use tools and materials safely to create a freestanding structure which matched our designs. In addition to this, we were tasked with creating cladding (coverings) using techniques such as folding, weaving, and piercing. We realised that designers often face problems when constructing their designs from drawings and therefore need to show lots of resilience, determination, and growth mindset to achieve their goals. We had a great time constructing our designs and the comment “This is the best day ever!” from Thomas in Rowan just summed this up!  

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  • Circus skills in Year 4

    Published 24/09/22, by Andy Mari

    Year 4 really enjoyed the circus activities this week. We were in awe at the performance during our special assembly and then had a great time learning how to perform and master the activities ourselves. This took lots of practise not only of the skills but also in applying the Roebuck value of resilience and applying a great deal of growth mindset. 

    We were amazed at how quickly we were able to learn and develop the skills and took great pride in achieving this!

    We have also taken great pride in our learning across other areas of the curriculum and have all written exciting rainforest adventure stories where we were challenged to include vivid descriptions, exciting dialogue and action to engage and excite the reader.

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  • Welcome to Year 4

    Published 11/09/22, by Andy Mari

    In Year 4, we have started our DT unit - Pavilions. We looked at a range of pavilions and discussed their purpose before exploring the designs of structures used.  Afterwards we looked at some amazing architecture from around the world, to inspire our ideas.

    Our next task was to make temporary frame structures using toothpicks and sweets. This was great fun, and we tried to make different shapes and make them bigger without them collapsing. We considered how to ensure the structure was strong and stable and added extra supports to do this.

    Next, we will be designing and making our own pavilions which we are all looking forward to.  


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  • Year 4 go wild!

    Published 11/07/22, by Andy Mari

    This week Year 4 had a very exciting start to the week. We visited Paradise Wildlife Park where we enjoyed exploring the zoo and finding out more about the animals there. To support our science topic, each class had an interactive workshop called ‘All the Vores.’ During this we found out more about the diet of different animals and how you can tell if an animal is a carnivore, herbivore or omnivore by looking at different parts of its body. We also looked at the skulls, which had been created using a 3D printer, of different animals to help support this learning. After lunch, we explored The World of Dinosaurs where we saw 30 life-sized, animatronic dinosaurs. These were amazing to see and helped us to visualise how big they were! Everyone had a fantastic day and the children were thrilled to be able to go on a school trip again.  

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  • Experience day in Year 4.

    Published 26/06/22, by Andy Mari

    To kick start our new Literacy writing unit, Year Four were visited by a furry four-legged friend named Timmy. We explored the different sounds, scents, emotions that a dog would experience from a dog's eye view. We are extremely excited to begin writing our story based in the Disney animation "Feast". 

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    Published 09/06/22, by Andy Mari

    Year Four were fortunate enough to be visited my members of North Hertfordshire College this week to gain an insight into the wide world of recycling and have their awareness raised on their own decisions. The children split off into a carousel of activities where they had participated in various eco-friendly tasks. Some of these wonderful tasks included: creating flower Earth bombs to grow in the garden, sorting materials into their correct recycling groups and making pledges on how they will save the environment. 

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  • Jubilee Party

    Published 22/05/22, by Andy Mari

    We're all having a street party! Year Four had a wonderful time celebrating the Queen's Jubilee by having their very own street party in the corridor (typical British weather). The children sang songs, played games and ate brilliant desserts prepared by their classmates. 

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