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  • Building Pavillions in Year 4

    Published 11/11/23, by Andy Mari

    Year 4 have had a great time building their pavilions. They started by constructing the sides of their buildings and then used glue guns to make their three-dimensional structures. They thought carefully about the areas surrounding their pavilions and decorated their bases inline with their plans. Once these were complete, they started to add cladding to the outside of their design. This included using paper weaving and folding techniques. Some children even added moving doors and stairs to their designs. We were all really proud of our finished products. In Year 4, we are architects! 


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  • Latest News in Year 4

    Published 14/10/23, by Andy Mari

    Year 4 have shown plenty of enthusiasm during History lessons this half-term. In our recent lessons, we have been learning about the battle of Marathon. We debated about which factors led to the success of the Athenian army during this battle and completed a diamond nine chart to represent our conclusions. We have also enjoyed active learning tasks where we had to hunt like archaeologists for artefacts from the past and analyse the details on these to find information about Ancient Greek beliefs and Gods. 

    In recognition of Black History Month, we had a special assembly which inspired us to think meaningfully about celebrating and treating everyone equally. We then had an opportunity to make our voices heard through creating placards to contribute towards a whole school display which will remind all the important messages which we have shared.

    In Maths, we have continued our learning on number and place value. We enjoyed applying our rounding and estimating skills to everyday contexts such as rounding, estimating and calculating prices for items when shopping.

    In French, we have been improving our conversation skills by practising how to greet someone, introduce ourselves, ask and reply about how someone is feeling, as well as asking and responding about how old we are. We are linguists!


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  • Float in Year 4

    Published 29/09/23, by Andy Mari

    It has been another busy week in Year 4. After finishing our 'Feast' stories, we have started a new literacy unit based on a book called 'Float.' On Monday, we had an experience day where we had to make an origami boat. Mrs Jarman and Ms McAnuff picked a hard design that none of us had tried to make before. We thought about our feelings as we were making it and discussed the vocabulary. It started off quite easy but gradually got harder and some of us felt very overwhelmed. However, we persevered, and we were very proud of our achievements at the end on the lesson. 

    Cedar class were lucky enough to work with Trestle theatre group. During the session, we used masks to get into character and explore different emotions. It was great to see the class developing their acting skills and getting into character. We have been able to borrow the masks so hopefully other children in school will get a chance to work with them in the future. 

    In Science, Year 4 have been investigating melting. They have planned and carried out an experiment to investigating how quickly ice melts when it is placed in different places.

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  • Welcome back to Year 4!

    Published 14/09/23, by Andy Mari

    Year 4 pupils have made a positive start to the new academic year. In Design Technology lessons we have been investigating how to construct and reinforce pavillion structures. We had lots of fun using sweets and toothpicks to create our designs and are looking forward to bringing our own designs to life using similar methods.

    We also had a super time during the recent skipping workshops. We enjoyed learning lots of new tricks and skills and were amazed to see the record-breaking skills performed by the workshop leader, Pete Thompson.

    We have been captivated by the story 'Feast' which we have been learning in Literacy. We were thrilled to be visited by Mrs Green's family's therapy dog Timmy for our experience day. This gave us a real life opportunity to make observations and develop our vocabulary which we are now putting to good use in our own narrative writing.  Thank you Mrs Green! We are architects and authors!


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  • Science in Year 4

    Published 06/07/23, by Andy Mari

    It has been a busy week in Year 4. In Science, we started investigating how drinks affect our teeth. We placed egg shell, which we used to represent teeth, in five different liquids: coffee, tea, cola, orange squash and water. We were shocked by the results! The squash started to eat away at the egg shell straight away! We found out that the squash caused the most damage to the 'teeth' as the outer shell was eaten away and it became squidgy. The coffee stained the 'teeth' the most although the cola and tea also stained the shell. We looked at the ingredients in the squash and realised that as well as sugar, it also contained citric acid which we concluded would have been one of the reasons for our results. 

    We had the pleasure of watching the Year 6 production this week which was amazing. There were lots of great costumes and we loved all the songs and acting. Well done Year 6.  

    In Computing this week, we have been exploring the program 2Calculate to make number games and have used a timer and the spinner tool which was fun.  

    It was second time luck for our sports day! We had a great time competing in our houses and having a picnic with our friends and family. 


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  • Latest news in Year 4

    Published 11/06/23, by Andy Mari

    Year 4 have had a busy start to the half term. We have been having one last push to learn our times tables facts ready for our MTC test over the next few weeks. 

    In art, we have been using tints and shades to experiment with 3D effects. We used a grid to draw an apple and then used water colours to create our painting.   

    In Science, we have been learning all about our teeth and the purpose of each type. It has been interesting finding out how our teeth change as we grow and when different teeth come through. 

    In Geography, we have started our new topic - 'Peculiar Plants' and have enjoyed finding out about the different plants that grow around the world. We have found out that different plants are able to survive in different biomes. We discovered that the Darth Vader flower grows in Brazil, South America and Black Bat flower grows in China, Asia. 


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  • Art in Year 4

    Published 11/05/23, by Andy Mari

    Year 4 have been preparing for the King’s coronation. We have created portraits of King Charles. Some of us used our sketching and shading skills to draw a portrait of half his face and others had a go at creating a caricature style sketch of King Charles.  

    We have also decorated a material square which we then put together to make a class tapestry. We thought about things that were linked to King Charles and royal family and used these to design our own squares. We are all looking forward to celebrating the coronation on Friday afternoon as a school.

    At the end of last week, we were also lucky to work with the artist Amanda Jewitt and created some amazing artwork based on beetles. We started off by finding out about three different artists who focused on this as a subject. When Amanda came in, we worked on shade, tone, texture and proportion when creating our own artwork. This week, we have continued this work with some follow up tasks. 

    At Roebuck we are artists. 

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  • Latest news in Year 4

    Published 24/03/23, by Andy Mari

    It has been another busy week in Year 4. In Literacy, we have really enjoyed being creative and writing poems based on the poem The River by Valerie Bloom. This poem is full of metaphors and rhyme so it has been a fun challenge to think of rhyming couplets and metaphors that work for each stanza.  

    In Geography, we have found out about the Aswan High Dam which was built on the river Nile. It took ten years to build as it is so big. It was really interesting to find out the negative and positive impact this had on Egypt. We used all this information to make our own leaflets about the dam.  

    During our Science and DT lessons, we have been researching different types of torches ready to design our own torches next week. We have also had a chance to experiment with wires, cells and bulbs to create a circuit that we will use in our torches. Our next step is to add a switch to our circuit so we can turn our torches on and off. 

    In Year 4 we are creative! 

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  • Fantastic finish in Year 4

    Published 12/03/23, by Andy Mari

    Year 4 were delighted to be joined by so many parents and carers this week for our Egyptian style baking sessions for our Fantastic Finish! We thoroughly enjoyed learning how to make the aromatic flatbreads and in addition to this, being able to apply our learning from across the curriculum, from History, learning that there were depictions of bread making within hieroglyphics from the time of the Ancient Egyptians, use of our maths knowledge of fractions and measures to accurately measure ingredients, using our reading skills to navigate the recipe and even some Science in understanding the chemical reactions and changes which occur when proving the bread. We certainly enjoyed tasting the freshly baked bread- so much so that lots of parents and pupils requested a copy of the recipe so that they could bake them again at home! Many thanks again to all who attended! 

    In addition to all of this, we have been enjoying experimenting with making music in computing, broadening our bank of strategies for mindfulness and have been refining our map work skills in Geography by completing puzzles and utilising digital reference tools such as Digimaps to answer true or false questions about the River Nile. 

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  • Scroll making in Year 4

    Published 25/02/23, by Andy Mari

    It has been a busy start to the half term in Year 4. Last half term, we did lots of work investigating  the style, pattern and characteristics of Ancient Egyptian art. This week we started making our own scrolls by creating a modern-day version of papyrus style paper. We did this by dipping strips of brown paper in watered down PVA glue. After removing most of the glue, we laid the paper in a vertical direction. We then repeated the process but this time placed the paper in a horizontal direction. We had to make sure the strips overlapped so that we created a solid surface. It was a messy process but great fun.

    We left our paper to dry over night and then carefully copied our scroll designs from our sketchbooks onto the paper we had made. Once we were happy with the design, we used water colour paint and poster paint to add colour to our designs. We thought carefully about the colours we used as we needed to take into consideration the colours that would have been available in Ancient Egypt times.

    At Roebuck we are Egyptian scroll makers!

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  • Egyptians in Year 4.

    Published 12/02/23, by Andy Mari

    Year 4 have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the Ancient Egyptians and we ended our topic in style with a special workshop. This began with us stepping back in time to Ancient Thebes where we learnt that a boy king had taken the throne after a time of turmoil and was bringing back the old ways and restoring ma’at (order). We really enjoyed participating in the story of Tutankhamun’s reign through a combination of practical making activities, drama and role-play. Our morning focussed on making and role play. While working, we were also tasked with spreading news and asking questions to learn more about Ancient Egypt and the reign of Tutankhamun. For the afternoon we recreated the festival of Wepet-Renpet: The Opening of the Year. We practised and then performed The Lamentations of Isis and Nephthys, The Tale of Osiris or The Dance of the Wax Crocodile.  We had a wonderful day immersing ourselves in this eventful time in history. 

     We have also been challenged to use our history learning in Literacy and all planned and wrote our own playscripts with links to the Ancient Egyptians. We really enjoyed writing and bringing the playscripts to life and many of us managed to infuse them with a sense of humour which made our friends and teachers chuckle!

     In Art we have planned some fabulous Ancient Egyptian final designs and we are excited about creating our very own papyrus style paper to create these final designs on.

     In French we have been practising and mastering vocabulary for describing the family and can now add this to a conversation where we introduce ourselves and ask and tell someone about who is in our family. We are Linguists!

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  • A busy week in Year 4

    Published 28/01/23, by Andy Mari

    It has been another busy week in Year 4!  During science, we have been finding out how sounds travel. We carried out experiments to explore this. One included using string telephones which allowed us to find out that when the string was tight the sound travelled better. 

    In PSHE, we have started our Brain Buddies sessions during which we started talking about our emotions and how we can deal with them. We focused on 'emotion surfing’ which focuses on using waves to think about our emotions. The wave will be high, but it won’t last - the emotion will pass. We used the words - It’s okay. It will pass. I’m okay - to focus our minds and help.   

    In our Computing sessions, we created two dimensional shapes using Logo commands.  

    On Wednesday, we were lucky enough to take part in a workshop run by North Hertfordshire College. The session had a Frozen theme and had a focus on saving the environment and the importance of keeping fit. We all had a great time completing the activities.  

    Another fun afternoon involved each class becoming detectives. Our task was to find out how Tutankhamun died. We knew that he was 19 when he died but there were three different theories as to how he died - accident, illness or murder! We enjoyed using the evidence and making connections between them before coming up with conclusions.  

    In Year 4, we are detectives!  

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