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Visit from Zoolab

Take a walk on the wild side with Year Four who were visiting by 'Zoolab' last week. This workshop was designed to immerse the children in our new science topic 'Animals Including Humans' and learn more about how to classify animals. The children were visited by some creepy creatures including a giant African land snail, a snake, a tarantula, frog and even a cockroach! The children had the opportunity to get hands on with the animals and experience them up close and personal. We learnt about different groups of animals including molluscs, reptiles, insects and amphibians and several amazing facts - Did you know cockroaches have 2 brains? Did you know frogs use their eyes to swallow? Lots of great vocabulary was learnt by the children too - ask your child what an exoskeleton is or what is meant by vertebrate and invertebrate. 
"This is one of the best workshops we have ever had" - Isabella Schwarz

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