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Latest news in Year 4.

It has been another busy week in Year 4. We started the week writing our Myths. We have all planned our own stories with a different hero, beast and challenges along the way. We have really enjoyed this unit especially when we got to freeze frame the battle scene!  

Tuesday morning started with Books and Breakfast. It was lovely to have so many family members come in and we enjoyed having time to share and read books with them. 

In Maths, we started a new unit - long division. To help us to understand what is happening to the numbers, we made use of dienes to make our numbers and then divided them. It was great fun and really helped us to understand the calculation.  

We are really enjoying our Science topic this term. We had fun making use of an alien key to help identify different aliens. Next, we moved on to keys about pond life creatures. Some of us used the key to classify the animals whilst others of us tried to create our own key based on the features of the creature. This was quite tricky as we really had to think about how we could separate the creatures into different categories.   

During Geography this week, we created our own leaflets about key geographical features of each continent. We enjoyed finding out interesting facts about different countries.  

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