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Latest news in Year 4

Year 4 have enjoyed settling back into school after the half term break.  In Literacy, we have been completing our letters to a famous author and have enjoyed learning about persuasive writing techniques. We are now looking forward to planning and writing letters to our chosen authors to see if we can persuade them to visit our school to further promote reading for enjoyment at home and school!

In Art, we have been learning about how plants grown on the banks of the River Nile were used to make paper called Papyrus. We immersed ourselves in making our own 'Ancient Egyptian' style paper which we will then apply our designs to.

We thoroughly enjoyed our Ancient Egyptians history workshop just before the half term break and launched into our new geography topic about the River Nile by looking at different types of maps which included the River Nile. We applied this to a team puzzle task which required us to identify features of the River Nile such as the delta, mouth and source and use this knowledge to piece together deconstructed maps. We are geographers!

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