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  • Latest news in Year 5

    Published 28/01/23, by Andy Mari

    Year 5 have been working hard on percentages of amounts in Maths this half term. They have begun drawing bar models to support their understanding and have even learnt a song that Mrs Norman taught them! Mr Downie also made a creative 'spinners' lesson, where the children were given the opportunity to generate their own word problems to solve. One child had to work out 45% of 1200 footballs! Wow! At Roebuck Academy, we are Mathematicians!


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  • Vikings in Year 5

    Published 15/01/23, by Andy Mari

    Wow - what a magnificent start to the Spring Term in Year 5! I only have a few lines to cram in all the wonderful learning we have achieved so far. We started off our Viking topic with some cooking, making Viking Stew (known as 'Krause') and Viking bread. They all performed wonderfully well and created some tasty food! Mr Alden gave it a five-star rating! Whilst one class were cooking, the other class were trying to sell cars to each other as part of our 'Experience Day' for Literacy. Mr Downie's car got sold for £1.5 million, so he is skipping happily to the bank on Monday! 

    PE and Music have been going really well, as we have been restarting our Cornets learning, as well as starting a new topic of Gymnastics. We have even explored using apparatus and the wall bars! The adults in Year 5 have been really pleased with the start the children have we have to keep it up!

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  • What a thaw-some term! ​​​​​​​

    Published 17/12/22, by Andy Mari

    We finished our topic all about the water cycle, where we created our own models to demonstrate the continuous recycling process of the water on Earth. We then used our findings to write our own explanation texts, in English. Did you know that there is the same amount of water on Earth now as there was when it was first created?  

    In DT, we explored a range of greeting cards before designing and creating our own electrical version using a circuit. Ask your child, “What components are required to make a circuit?” 

    In maths, we completed the first part of our fractions unit and have worked hard to understand how to add and subtract improper, mixed-number and unlike fractions.  

    We also had a snow-tastic time making snow angels and snowmen outside on the field. 

    Well done for a fantastic first term in Year 5! 

    Merry Christmas. 

    Mrs Norman and Mr Downie 

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  • Latest news in Year 5

    Published 03/12/22, by Andy Mari

    Year 5 have been busy in the classroom once again, trying their hand at Cornets with Mr Robinson! The children have mastered the first few notes and are playing along to a backing track. Also, Year 5 have been using manipulatives in Maths to explore the link between fraction and division. They're now exploring how this can represent decimal numbers. Oh, and we can't forget the Year 5 teachers deciding to show a practical demonstration of the digestive system using tights, banana, orange juice and cream crackers! Check out the expressions in Juniper!

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  • Latest news in Year 5

    Published 19/11/22, by Andy Mari

    In Year 5, we have continued to work incredibly hard in classrooms. The children have been tackling some tricky fractions work, involving adding and subtracting unlike fractions using conversions and simplifying. Literacy has been going well too, using the book 'Gorilla' to plan and write our own versions of the popular Anthony Browne story. 

    Our music lessons have kicked off in earnest, welcoming a specialist music teacher into school to teach the children how to play some musical instruments. The PE journey has also continued, learning a range of skills in Badminton to try and outwit an opponent in game situations.

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  • Latest news in Year 5

    Published 22/10/22, by Andy Mari

    In Year 5, we have been using our place value knowledge to multiply and divide by tens, hundreds and thousands. In Literacy, we finished writing our Black History biographies about Walter Tull and have been rehearsing, in groups, a poem called 'Boneyard Rap', ready to perform it. We also concluded our topic about the Anglo-Saxons and used our learning to create a timeline all about the era. 

    In addition to this, we have completed a whole half-term of Handball (celebrating with a mini tournament at the end), and even built our own Parachutes in science to test air resistance and gravity!

    What a wonderful half-term we've had in Year 5. Well done!

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  • Anglo Saxons in Year 5

    Published 07/10/22, by Andy Mari

    Year 5 have had a smashing time learning all about the Anglo-Saxons during their workshop. They played a game called Merels, explored artefacts, marched like warriors and battled it out spear fighting!

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  • Science in Year 5

    Published 24/09/22, by Andy Mari

    Year 5 have been exploring the link between mass and weight in Science. We started by explaining the difference between weight and mass, including how they are measured, before testing a range of classroom items to find a link. It turns out, every 100g of mass an object has is approximate to 1 Newton of gravitational pull. How cool is that?! At Roebuck Academy, we are scientists!

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  • Welcome to Year 5

    Published 11/09/22, by Andy Mari

    It's the first week of the new term, and we are straight back into the swing of things in Year 5! The start of our Maths journey has involved a lot of practical work and rehearsal of key number facts. The children have been building, reading and writing a range of numbers up to 10 million. They have also been challenging each other through engaging, practical activities. At Roebuck Academy, we are mathematicians! 

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  • Year 5 rounders

    Published 10/07/22, by Andy Mari

    Year 5 have been tackling the popular summer sport of Rounders in PE this half-term. They have been mastering the basics of the rules, before working closely on fielding, batting and bowling skills. The children were able to apply the rules quickly and were able to score points regularly for their team. It has been pleasing to see their confidence grow from week to week, and we have seen some cracking rounders being scored!

    Some of the Year 5 children were lucky enough to represent the school at a Rounders tournament at Thomas Alleyne Academy. They tried hard against older teams of Year 6 children and gained valuable experience for next year.

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  • Debating in Year 5- Is it ever good to lie?

    Published 30/06/22, by Andy Mari

    In Year 5, the children were involved in a debate in RE. They had to decide whether it is ever good to lie! The discussion was centred around why people may lie and whether it is ever a good idea to lie to someone. The children thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to debate about a contentious issue and, as you can see from the images from the lesson, they showed great passion and determination to get their point across!

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  • Making Shapes!

    Published 11/06/22, by Andy Mari

    This week Year 5 having been diving deep into 3D shapes by learning about volume. We began by building various solids, using multi-link, from given pictorial representations. The level of challenge gradually increased as not all unit cubes were visible in each image and the children had to use the information given to predict the number of unit cubes needed, before testing out their predictions by making the solid and checking whether their predictions were correct. Later in the week, we moved onto drawing cubes and cuboids on isometric paper – this was a difficult skill to grasp but the children showed great perseverance and with practise came mastery! Next week we will be learning how to calculate volume using the dimensions of a given solid. 

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