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  • Viking Stew!

    Published 16/01/22, by Andy Mari

    Year 5 launched their Viking topic with a day of Viking cooking. We began by looking at the food which the Vikings would have been able to grow in Britain and learnt about the way they cooked and prepared their meals. We then dived straight in to making Skause (Viking stew), we began by preparing the vegetables, and there were a lot of them! Turnips, parsnips, carrots, leeks, cabbage and onions went in first. We then prepared the pork (although ours came much nicer prepared than the Vikings would have had) and finally we seasoned our stews using garlic, cumin and coriander. The stew was left on the hot plates for 3-4 hours, plenty of time for the aroma to reach the ends of the KS2 corridor and make everyone feel very hungry! We then moved onto making our bread, you simply can’t have Viking stew without bread. We mixed our wet and dry ingredients together to form a dough, after several minutes kneading it was ready to be shaped and baked in the oven. Once the stew and bread was ready we had a tasting session – some of the children loved the stew and went back for seconds and even thirds, while others decided the texture was too soft for them and they concluded they would not have liked to be a Viking! Overall a fantastic day where the children truly impressed everyone with their cooking skills. 

    Please click on the photos below for more.

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  • Water in Year 5

    Published 21/11/21, by Andy Mari

    In geography this week, Year 5 have been learning all about water. Did you know only 3% of water on Earth is fresh water? We began the week by quizzing the children on their new knowledge (they aced it!) and then we moved onto learning about the Water Cycle. We got creative with our work and the children were given one of 6 stages in the water cycle to act out for the class. We then watched each group and guessed which part of the cycle each group acted out. They did a great job and really thought out of the box to show solids, liquids and gases!

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  • Year 5 at West Stow

    Published 10/10/21, by Andy Mari

    Year 5 had a fantastic trip to West Stow Anglo-Saxon village on Friday. After an exciting coach journey (it had been a while!) the children were raring to go. We began our day by exploring the Anglo-Saxon museum and artefacts, handling objects found at the site during past excavations and learning about how the archaeologists completed the dig. The children enjoyed looking at reconstructed items and exploring what parts of each object survived the test of time in the ground. Next, it was time to explore the Anglo-Saxon village - a series of reconstructed buildings. The children enjoyed going into the sunken house - although their feet got a bit sandy - and this is exactly how the archaeologists realised the Anglo-Saxon's must have lived above the pit on an additional wooden flooring. Each building show cased different elements of Anglo-Saxon life including where they would have slept, how smoky the room became with the hearth lit and the children even got to see how they weaved first-hand. Our day ended in the great hall where all the children gathered for a final question and answer session. The children had a great day and learnt a huge amount about Anglo-Saxon times, some even taking notes as we moved around! A huge thank you to our parent helpers who helped to make the day such a success and to the children for their enthusiasm and model behaviour throughout - a true credit to Roebuck.

    Please see additional photos below

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  • Year 5 feel the force!

    Published 25/09/21, by Andy Mari

    Year 5 have thrown themselves into learning all about forces this week. We began our week with several investigations: finding the centre of gravity on a hockey stick, investigating if we could overcome the friction created by interweaving two books, learning about air resistance by immersing a cup into a jug full of water and seeing if the paper towel inside it stayed dry, observing what happened when you add soda water to raisins and seeing if you really can hold a bottle of rice just by a pencil inserted into the top! We then moved onto carrying out investigations all about gravity, we concluded the centuries old debate between Galileo and Aristotle and found out that heavier items do not in fact fall at a different speed to lighter items – well done Galileo! 

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  • Place value problems in Year 5

    Published 10/09/21, by Andy Mari

    Place Value Problems!

    In Year 5, we have been diving deep into Maths problems involving large numbers (including millions!) The focus started with using place value counters to represent different numbers and reading them effectively. We progressed to writing these representations in digits and words. The children are steadily gaining in confidence with large numbers – they would much rather have £1,000,000 than £100,000!

    The children will be progressing onto more complex concepts such as rounding and estimating in the coming weeks. Until then, here’s some images of children working together on their maths. Their challenge was to use 20 counters to create a number, whilst their partner had to try and read/write the number accurately.

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  • Geography week in Year 5

    Published 18/07/21, by Andy Mari

    This week Year 5 have been continuing with their topic about plastic pollution as part of Geography week. They have been busy writing a persuasive pitch to try to convince Ms Young that we should be a ‘single use plastic’ free school. There are some very strong arguments, so we feel she will be convinced!  

    During the afternoons, we have been delving deeper into the topic. We carried out experiments with elastic bands to see how difficult it is for wildlife to remove plastic from the beaks and necks if they get caught up in plastic that has made its way into the environment. The children then made use of the facts they had researched in literacy as well as their findings from the experiment to produce posters to encourage people to not use single use plastic and be more careful when disposing of it.  In addition to this, Year 5 have learnt about the recycling process and produced flow diagrams to explain what happens. They have learnt that although recycling is great it is not the best option and refusing to accept and use the ‘big 4’ (plastic drinking straws, plastic cups, take away hot drinks cups and lids and single use plastic bottles) has a bigger impact on helping the environment and making our world a better place for the future. 

    On Wednesday afternoon, Year 5 explored the camp on the field. They spent time chilling in the tents and then toasted marshmallows over the fire and drank hot chocolate. Everyone had a great time and enjoyed the experience. 

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  • Year 5 Blog: Play-Doh Problems!

    Published 13/06/21, by Andy Mari


    In Year 5, we were exploring water resistance, using the forces of gravity and ‘upthrust’. We wanted to see if we could get a ball of Play-Doh to float in the water. On reflection, we thought maybe using plasticine was a better idea! Still, we enjoyed making a lot of mess and colouring a lot of water.

    Take a look at our successes (and nearly successes) below with other pictures attached.

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  • Eid in Year 5

    Published 20/05/21, by Andy Mari

    Miral and Moaz have been fasting during the month of Ramadan. They produced a presentation, which they shared with Juniper class, to explain why they have done this and how they celebrate the end of Ramadan with Eid. In addition, they brought in some items to help our understanding further. These included lanterns, wooden toothbrushes (they use these to do their teeth as using toothpaste would break their fasting) and their Qur'an. They explained how this is not read as we read books and showed the class the letters which are very different to the English alphabet. Miral even read a section of the book and wowed us with her fluency in a different language. Juniper loved finding out more about their religion and the celebrations they have. We are very proud of the commitment they have shown to their beliefs.

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  • Victorian day in Year 5

    Published 19/05/21, by Andy Mari

    Last week, Year 5 got dressed up as Victorian children and enjoyed taking part in a role play day.  First, we had to choose a Victorian name which we would be known by for the rest of the day. Before entering the classroom, we had to line up silently and in height order. The boys had to be at the front of the line and the girls behind them. When we entered the classroom, ‘Ma’am’ and ‘Sir’ checked our hands for cleanliness and we had to chant a rhyme, ‘cleanliness if next to godliness.’ A few children were told off for being dirty or biting their nails.  

    The first part of the day was filled with the 3 Rs – Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic. Victorian education wasn’t very interactive so we spent most of our time chanting (times tables and poems) and we weren’t allowed to ask questions! We also read text from a Victorian book about kings and queens and read a poem which explained how the Union Jack flag was created.  

    Everyone had the chance to practise their handwriting using a pen and ink as well as writing on a slate – we ended up with some very messy children.  

    During playtime, we played some games that Victorian children would have played. These included: pass the slipper, throwing bean bags at a target, hoops, hopscotch, skipping and tug of war.  

    After play, we got creative and made out own spinning tops, a thaumatrope (which is a Victorian animation made from card) and chalk observational sketches of leaves.  

    During the afternoon, we watched a production by Hobgoblin production company about a boy called Harry who escaped from the workhouse and ran away to London. This was a really interesting play which helped our learning come alive as well as teaching us more facts about Victorian times.  

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  • Year 5 exploring drama techniques

    Published 01/05/21, by Andy Mari

    Year 5 have continued to be immersed in their learning about the Victorian era and have started reading the book – Street Child by Berlie Doherty. Both classes loved taking part in an experience day where they had to act out the first chapter of the story. They explored the different ideas and feelings in the scene and thought about how they could use expression in their voices and face. Acting out the scene really helped the children to understand the scene and get a better grasp of how the characters were feeling at this point in the story. We can’t wait to find out what happens to the main character Jim and his family next.  In groups, we acted out the first chapter called ‘Shilling Pie. We focused on the main events:

    - Jim arriving to the shop   

    - Shopkeeper attitude towards Jim           

    - Buying the pie       

    -The reactions of the family     

    We shared our performances to the class and analysed with two stars, one wish.   

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  • Victorians in Year 5

    Published 15/04/21, by Andy Mari

    This week, Year 5 have started a new unit in history about the Victorians. They received a letter from Mrs Jarman’s sister who has recently moved house. Whilst putting things in the loft, she found an old tin hidden away and covered in dust. The house is Victorian and therefore she felt that Year 5 would be able to help her. Within the tin, there were a number of artefacts which the children enjoyed exploring and deciding who they might belong to. They also made some predictions about what it would have been like to live in this period of time.  

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  • Insect challenge

    Published 23/03/21, by Andy Mari

    Today we also took part in a paper engineering challenge. It required us to have a lot of patience and perseverance - but we did it and we produced some great insects! We also learned a lot about different ways to join paper together.

    The Challenge from STEM:

    • To ‘Create’ an Insect using 4 sheets of plain or coloured A4 paper only (from your recycling bin/crate)
    • Only use scissors and engineering skills to create the insects.
    • No glue, sticky tape, staples or paper clips to be used
    • Take no longer than one hour, including practising techniques

    At Roebuck, we are scientists and engineers!

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