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Year 5 help launch the new Airbus Foundation Discovery Space in Stevenage

Year 5 had a fantastic day when they helped to launch the new Airbus Foundation Discovery Space.

When we arrived, we had time to explore the different stations which were created by scientists to teach us about different aspects of physics. These were all really exciting and taught us about areas of science we had previously just learnt about in the classroom. It was great to see how it actually worked.

Then we got to watch a disgusting show called - Things That Make You Go Eeuww – this was all about the digestive system and what happens to our food after we have eaten it!

Later on in the day, we got to make our own space design bags. To do this, we were given a black bag and we had to put paint and a tablet into a film canister. Then, we had to shake it and place the canister upside down on the bag. After a few minutes, they started exploding and hitting the ceiling! The paint exploded out the container and made brilliant splatter patterns on our bags.

As it was an important event, members of the press were there. Some of us had our picture taken for the newspaper and Holly and Archie were lucky enough to be interviewed by the BBC and were on television that evening.

We had a brilliant day and we hope we have the opportunity to go back again.