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Art week

As part of art week, Year 5 have been looking at The Water Lillies painting by Monet. As we are finding out about the Amazon rainforest, the children decided to find out more about giant water lilies which grow there. We were amazed by the size they grow to and their life cycle. The flowers are white and bloom at night. They give off a butterscotch and pineapple scent to attract the beetles which pollinate the flower. Once a beetle has crawled into the flower, it closes until the next day when it opens up to release the beetle covered in pollen. Once a flower is pollinated, it then turns to a pinky purple colour and no longer smells.

We then started to find out more about the artist Oenone Hammersley who painted a number of Amazon rainforest creatures including the white lipped tree frog. Year five, had fun writing their own poetry and recreating the tree frog painting.

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