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World Book Day in Year 5

Today we enjoyed taking part in lots of different activities about books. We dressed up as our favourite book characters and brought in our favourite books to share.

Testing our knowledge of books

We started off the day by taking part in a World Book Day Quiz whereby we tested our knowledge of authors, well-known places in books and characters. Its was lots of fun!


We then went outside and enjoyed Storienteering! We were given 15 clues which we had to read and work out what picture they were describing. Once we had guessed the picture, we had to go and hunt for it and find the matching book cover. We really enjoyed it and we worked well as a team.

Gaining inspiration for authors

Next, we watched a live session on the World Book Day website where we listened to different authors talking about how they get their ideas for their books. It was really inspiring and it also helped us to decide what books we might buy with our book tokens.

Story Writing

Next, we became authors! Every class in Key Stage 2 wrote a paragraph for our story entitled ‘The Heroic Caterpillar’. We used our skills that we have learned from The Write Stuff and Alan Peat sentences to complete the story. We are very proud of what we have produced.

Reading Rainbow

We gathered up some books from our book corners and made a reading rainbow!

Masked Reader

We watched more of the masked reader videos in class and tried hard to guess which member of staff was reading the story.

Afternoon Activities

In the afternoon, we choose from a menu of activities including origami book marks, making a book character out of a potato, designing alternative book covers from our favourite books and designing our own World Book Day Quiz. We also collected some pupil voice about the day!

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