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Geography week in Year 5

This week Year 5 have been continuing with their topic about plastic pollution as part of Geography week. They have been busy writing a persuasive pitch to try to convince Ms Young that we should be a ‘single use plastic’ free school. There are some very strong arguments, so we feel she will be convinced!  

During the afternoons, we have been delving deeper into the topic. We carried out experiments with elastic bands to see how difficult it is for wildlife to remove plastic from the beaks and necks if they get caught up in plastic that has made its way into the environment. The children then made use of the facts they had researched in literacy as well as their findings from the experiment to produce posters to encourage people to not use single use plastic and be more careful when disposing of it.  In addition to this, Year 5 have learnt about the recycling process and produced flow diagrams to explain what happens. They have learnt that although recycling is great it is not the best option and refusing to accept and use the ‘big 4’ (plastic drinking straws, plastic cups, take away hot drinks cups and lids and single use plastic bottles) has a bigger impact on helping the environment and making our world a better place for the future. 

On Wednesday afternoon, Year 5 explored the camp on the field. They spent time chilling in the tents and then toasted marshmallows over the fire and drank hot chocolate. Everyone had a great time and enjoyed the experience. 

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