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Latest news in Year 5

Year 5 have been busy this week with our DT topic all about structures. Our focus was on bridges.
We looked at questions such as; which shape is the strongest for a bridge? What materials would make the best bridge? We looked at arch, beam and truss bridges. We practised the method of creating a truss bridge using spaghetti and masking tape which created quite a lot of mess
and was a good challenge. We all agreed after that a bridge of spaghetti was not the best choice as it isn’t a suitable material for the purpose of a bridge.
Over the last 2 days of term we have been using a number of skills and different pieces of equipment to build our very own truss bridges. We sawed our pieces of wood into the correct
length and angles. We used glue guns to put all of our pieces together to create our final products which we will then evaluate at the start of next term.

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