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  • Dino-tastic week in Reception

    Published 16/09/23, by Andy Mari

    First of all, we want to congratulate your wonderful children on an amazing first two weeks at school. It has been a pleasure getting to know all the children and they have all settled in brilliantly and been such a joy. Well done to each and every one of them! The children have had a busy two weeks in reception. They have settled really well into their classes and have enjoyed exploring the environments. This week has been particularly exciting as we began our ‘dinosaur topic’. We looked at non-fiction books about dinosaurs, watched interesting video clips and enjoyed listening to fiction stories about dinosaurs. The children also created their own dinosaur silhouette skeleton for our class book areas. Our ‘dino-tastic’ week even included a dinosaur egg hunt at Forest School. The children were amazed to find dinosaur eggs hidden  in the bushes. We are now observing the eggs very closely for a sign of hatching! I wonder what will happen next. At Roebuck we are dinosaur egg hunters!

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  • Designing in Reception

    Published 08/07/23, by Andy Mari

    This week the children in Reception have taken inspiration from a text called ‘On Sudden Hill’. In the text, two best friends make amazing objects out of cardboard boxes. The children have enjoyed listening to the story and being creative! The children have made some amazing objects out of recycled cardboard boxes and other recycling. They began by first designing their model and labelling it and then set about building it using all the skills they had been taught this year. They impressed their teachers with their designs and how well they joined different materials together. Once completed the children wrote sentences about their creations. So far, the children have made some fantastic models including a bus, a jet pack, cars and even a helipad and helicopter! We are looking forward to seeing some more creations next week. Well done, Reception! At Roebuck we are designers!

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  • Caterpillar find in Reception

    Published 25/06/23, by Andy Mari

    At the beginning of this half-term the children were very excited to find caterpillars in their classrooms! The children have been fascinated to watch the caterpillars grown ten times their original size! We then observed the caterpillars form a chrysalis and waited patiently for our caterpillars to finally emerge as butterflies. We have spent the last few days observing the butterflies in their tent, and today we set them free. We had a lovely time watching the butterflies leave their tent and fly away to start their life cycle all over again! At Roebuck, we are scientists!

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  • Marvellous Me in Reception.

    Published 11/06/23, by Andy Mari

    This week in Reception the children have been introduced to our new exciting topic 'Marvellous Me!' The children have shared with one another photos of themselves as a baby and enjoyed guessing who the baby photo belongs to. We have discussed the human life cycle and reflected on how each of them has changed since they were a baby. We also drew self portraits and wrote sentences about how we have changed since we were born. These are all proudly on display in our classrooms.  Another highlight this week has been the delivery of our own caterpillars. We are very excited to learn about the lifecycle of a butterfly and watch the change first hand.  What a super busy week it has been! In Reception we are super learners!

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  • New water topic in reception.

    Published 11/05/23, by Andy Mari

    This week the children in Oak and Willow class have learnt about the importance of looking after the world's oceans and its many sea creatures. As part our 'Water' topic, we have explored what pollution means and how pollution has a negative impact on the environment and sea creatures. We have learnt that when the ocean is a happy place, sea creatures thrive and grow but when it is a dirty place sea creatures may die out. The children have enjoyed sorting different types of recycling and finding out how plastic is ruining our oceans. The children have also created their own individual 'Seascapes' and used a variety of different art techniques. At Roebuck we are environmentalists and artists!

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  • Splash in Reception

    Published 22/04/23, by Andy Mari

    This week the children in Reception have started to think about our new exciting topic for this half term 'Splash!' On Monday we kicked off our new topic by learning all about water, how we use it, where you would find it and how you can travel on it. We decided to focus our learning this week on finding out about different sea creatures. We loved watching different video clips of amazing sea creatures and used non-fiction books to find out about different sea creatures. The children then put their artistic skills to work by creating their own individual sea creature which we added to our class display.  At Roebuck Academy we are artists!

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  • Latest news in Reception

    Published 24/03/23, by Andy Mari

    It has been another busy week in Reception. The children have been preparing for our Mothers Day assembly, singing songs and practising their lines. The children have been learning all about planting sunflower seeds and have planted their very own sunflower seed to give to their mummy's for Mothers Day. Thank you to all the parents that attended our assembly, we could tell the children were super excited to share their special gift with you and tell you why they loved you so much. At Roebuck we are grateful! 


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  • Science day in Reception

    Published 10/03/23, by Andy Mari

    This week in Reception is Science week. The children took part in science experiment where we placed gingerbread man into different substances and the children observed how they changed over time. The substances included cooking oil, vinegar, water and milk. The children made a prediction about what would happen to the gingerbread man in each substance. We measured our substances to pour over the gingerbread man. Using a timer, we made observations every ten minutes and recorded the results. The children were very excited to watch the changes over time. At Roebuck we are Scientists! 


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  • Exploring London in Reception.

    Published 12/02/23, by Andy Mari

    This week the children have been exploring London through the text, All aboard the London Bus! Each day the children have role played boarding a London bus, including having their ticket punched by the conductor and travelling to a different part of London. The children have enjoyed exploring Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, The Underground, London Bridge and finally The Tower of London to see the crown jewels. As part of our learning the children have created their own London Bus and wrote independent sentences about travelling on a London Bus, remembering to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops! Well done, Reception. At Roebuck we are writers!

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  • Chinese New Year

    Published 28/01/23, by Andy Mari

    This week in Reception, we have been very excited to learn about the Lunar New Year and welcomed in The Year of the Rabbit. On Monday, we had an experience day where we took part in lots of different activities based on the Lunar New Year. The children learned dance moves using features of the Lunar New Year such as fans, fireworks and lanterns. The children were very creative and made their own lanterns which they decorated and put up in our classrooms. We also learned about the different types of food eaten in China and throughout the week the children made their very own noodle stir fry. At Roebuck we are Chefs!

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  • Let's Explore in Reception.

    Published 14/01/23, by Andy Mari

    This week the children have been very excited about our new topic 'Let's Explore'. We began our new topic by exploring our local area and created a mind map of what makes Stevenage special. We identified lots of places including, the football stadium, the cinema, the shops, the theatre, Marks and Spencer's, Fairlands Park and many more! We then looked at some photographs that had been taken in and around Stevenage and tried our hardest to recognise where they were taken. We also used Google Earth to zoom into the school and different places around Stevenage. The children all enjoyed contributing to a class display of our local area and made different types of homes, shops and buildings. During our CIL time, some children have been busy writing independently about what they see in our local area. What a fun week it has been! At Roebuck we are geographers! 

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  • Christmas in Reception

    Published 19/12/22, by Andy Mari

    It is officially Christmas time in Reception! We have been busy over the last few weeks getting ready for Christmas. The children have all performed in our Christmas Nativity, Whoops-A-Daisy-Angel and all excelled at learning their lines, songs and actions, including how to sign using Makaton. We are so proud of all the children and applaud them for all their hard work and enthusiasm in making our Christmas Nativity such a special one. The children also made the most of the snowy weather this week. We wrapped up warm and worked together to build a fantastic snowman. The children also enjoyed making patterns in the snow using sticks and loved making snow angels. We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all the parents and carers for attending our Nativity and for all your support this term. Happy Christmas from all of us!

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