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Adventure to Frankie and Benny’s  

We have some amazing parents at Roebuck which really shined through when two dads were kind enough to help Willow and Oak go on a real adventure on Thursday.

We were lucky enough to have 2 Arriva buses waiting for us at Roebuck shops to take us straight to Frankie and Benny’s. Children got to experience the purchase of bus tickets on public transport, some of which had never experienced before. We were also greeted by Arriva’s mascot and the children enjoyed giving him a hug or high five.

At Frankie and Benny’s, children were able to design their own pizza with a variety of ingredients and take part in watching some of their favourite children’s cocktails being made and then having a taste, deciding which one was the best.

Once the children had eaten their pizza, we had a coach waiting for us outside to finish our adventure to take us back to school.

Thanks again to those that help organise the trip and to all the parents that came with us to support the children.