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  • School access - paths cleared for parents.

    Published 12/12/22

    Please watch the videos showing the paths that have been cleared for parents, so you can access the site tomorrow.



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  • Online leaflets for parents.

    Published 31/08/22

    Click on the documents below for e-safety reminders.

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  • Athletics success!

    Published 21/06/22

    On Thursday 9th June 2022, Roebuck Academy students from Year 4,5 and 6 attending the much-anticipated Athletics Competition at Ridlins Athletics Track. Roebuck was amongst 16 other schools across the partnership, competing in both track and field events throughout the entire day. The day started with a large parade around the track, where schools got the opportunity to represent their commonwealth country which SSFT had given them at the start of the year, with Roebuck's being Scotland. Following the parade and warm-up, the busy day began with children from all year groups heading off in different directions to take part in either their field, or track event. All field events and the long-distance events were straight finals, with all other track events ran in heats to determine the finalists for the afternoon session. After a morning of long jumps, high jumps, cricket ball throws, javelins, sprint races, long distance races and relay races the finalists had been revealed for the afternoon session. Roebuck Academy making it to the final of all races bar one, so another busy afternoon ahead! On completion of all the final races and following the impressive display in the teacher relay race from Mr Moran and Mr Steedman who picked up the Silver Medals, it was time to announce the individual results, then the overall results.

    Year 4 Boys Long Jump - Chayden 7th 

    Year 4 Girls Long Jump - Sophie 1st 

    Year 4 Boys Javelin - Cameron 4th 

    Year 4 Girls Javelin - Hailie 6th 

    Year 4 Boys 300M - Aiden 4th 

    Year 4 Girls 300M - Phoebe 1st 

    Year 4 Mixed 50m Relay - Aiden, Cameron, Chayden, Sophie, Phoebe, Hailie, Sienna 3rd  

    Year 5/6 Boys Long Jump - Nathan 1st 

    Year 5/6 Girls Long Jump - Yasmin 2nd 

    Year 5/6 Boys Javelin - Harry 8th 

    Year 5/6 Girls Javelin - Kelsey 10th 

    Year 5/6 Boys Cricket Ball Throw - Orryn 5th 

    Year 5/6 Girls Cricket Ball Throw - Maisie 9th 

    Year 5/6 Boys 600M - Lauren 5th 

    Year 5/6 Girls 600M - Ben 5th 

    Year 5/6 Boys 100M - Lennon 1st 

    Year 5/6 Girls 100M - Amber 3rd in Heats


    Year 5/6 Mixed 4x100 Relay - Orryn, Harry, Eriola, Maisie 5th

    Year 5/6 Boys 4x100 Relay - Kai, Lennon, Ben, Nathan 1st 

    Year 5/6 Girls 4x100 Relay - Amber, Kelsey, Yasmin, Lauren 1st 

    Year 4 Overall - 5th

    Year 5/6 Overall - 1st 

    Whole School Year 4/5/6 Combined - 1st 

    The year 4's narrowly missed out on medals after 3 teams came joint 2nd, with Roebuck behind by only 1 point!

    The year 5/6's came 1st overall in their category, and by the finest of margins Roebuck Academy won the whole event for year 4/5/6 combined by only 1 point from 2nd place.

    A monumental achievement for Roebuck Academy - Huge congratulations to all the children involved. That 1-point difference between 1st and 2nd was down their hard work and determination throughout the whole day! 


    A write up on the event is also available from the link below


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  • Dream catcher Chris Bull

    Published 26/02/22

    Today, we had an inspiring dreamcatcher from Chris Bull,  who was originally from Kent until he was 17 then decided to move.  He went to an all-boys school and dreamt of being a generalist or a story writer. He came in and spoke to us about how to keep healthy and stay fit. He talked to us about his business (which is called Fit Kids). In his business he goes to schools, and he brings equipment to teach children how to use them properly. During his time at schools, he teaches children how to stay fit! He has been to 22 primary schools in Stevenage and only has 7 left to go to. When Chris came to Roebuck Academy, he showed us exercises we can do without any equipment (exercises like jumping jacks, star jumps and high knees). When he was demonstrating these workouts, he chose students to come up and have a go. The experience he needed to get into the fitness business was an intense 5-week course.

    Before he left, he gave all the children a golden nugget to step forward in life, “Enjoy life, as you have only one chance to live.”

    By Lily Jeanes and Ellie Lang.    

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  • Dream catcher Mark Lewis

    Published 13/12/21

    Today we had a dream catcher assembly with Mr Lewis, who is the headteacher at The Thomas Alleynes Secondary School. He also works closely with our school. He explained to us that being a Head Teacher is not just about sitting around in a dull office doing nothing, he told us that all his days are different and exciting. For example, he and students have been on a number of trips to different areas in different countries- Russia, France/Paris and Greece.

    Mr Lewis was born in Stevenage, but grew up in Biggleswade, as a child. When Mr Lewis  was a child he went to Lodge Farm Primary school and Highfield secondary school. Also, when he was younger he wanted to be a history teacher and journalist. As he wanted to be a history teacher he had to study all subjects at school. He told us that he loves his job and couldn’t ask for a better one. 

    He left the children with a nugget of wisdom which was,‘Have a go at everything and be courageous’.


    Written by Yasmin Bell

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  • Lawson Trio Classical music Concert

    Published 07/12/21

    Key Stage 2 classes experienced a Piano Trio last week in school. The children from Upper and Lower Key Stage 2 enjoyed listening to a variety of classical pieces of music from composers who were still alive. The Lawson Trio performed a variety of songs to the children, highlighting the different instruments that were on show: the piano, violin and double bass.  The musicians worked hard to engage the children and teach them about each instrument as well as lots of key vocabulary. They encouraged the children to create stories in their mind from the pieces and discuss how it made them feel and what parts of the music made them feel this way.

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  • Pam Pellen Dream catcher

    Published 14/11/21

    Today we had a Dream catcher assembly and a lady came in named Pam Pellen. She is a creative producer and a drama practitioner, who was born in South East London. When she was younger she liked to climb trees, read and write stories and play let's pretend. She also wanted to be a cowboy or an Olympic swimmer because people who did this had inspired her to do it too. However, her love for drama changed that. When she moved on to secondary school there was no drama for her to participate in except school plays (she went to an all-girls school). Since her love of drama grew she decided to become a drama teacher when she grew up. When she taught drama she was very upset that boys didn't want to participate in drama. At one point in her teaching industry she was going to give up teaching drama. However, with the help of all the staff that worked with her motivated her to keep on going. A quote from her father was ‘keep on going and others will follow’. She stated that reading helped her when growing up.

    Her nugget of inspiration to the children in school was ‘Get reading and keep on reading’- Pam Pellen

    Written by Yasmin Bell (Head girl) and Orryn Drackford (Deputy Head Boy) 


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  • Parent course- Protective behaviours

    Published 20/10/21

    Online Parenting Course in
    November with places available 
    Fully Funded By Herts County Council Family Services Commissioning Team


    We have some places available in November for:

    A Protective Behaviours Approach To
    Emotional Safety and Wellbeing For Families

    Each Thursday from 4th Nov
    7pm - 9pm for 6 weeks

    Click here for details

    *See Referral Criteria

    Click here to refer and book or ring 01992 446 051
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  • Harvest Festival 2021

    Published 10/10/21

    Monday and Tuesday saw Reverend Kate Sharples conduct harvest Festival to KS2 and KS1 classes respectively. Once again the Roebuck community provided an abundance of donations to the local charity- Foodshed.


    Reverend Kate posted this message.

    Thank you so much for all your harvest gifts.  I've attached a photo of them delivered to the Foodshed which you can use if you want to.

    Blessings, Kate

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  • World Mental Health Day

    Published 10/10/21


    Friday 8th October 2021marked the start of Young Mind's #HelloYellow​ campaign, an event which raises vital funds for children's mental health in support of World Mental Health Day. at Roebuck Academy children were invited to wear yellow clothes for a £1 donation. All monies raised will be sent to Young Minds to help support their invaluable service to young children. 
    Having someone to talk your worries through with is a great way to ensure you keep anxiety at bay. The Roebuck Academy Dream team visited every class this morning to spread the message that it is good to talk. They delivered drinks and biscuits so the children could have a break and a chat on Wear Yellow Day. At Roebuck Academy we are caring. 

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  • Welcome back from Ms Young

    Published 05/03/21

    Please find the welcome back video from Ms Young. Click on the embedded video to watch.




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  • Warriorz Street Dance

    Published 04/10/20

    Please find attached the flyer from Warriorz Street dance promoting their dance group classes.

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