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  • Latest Dream catcher assembly- Mrs Green

    Published 03/02/19

    This weeks Dream Catcher assembly saw Mrs Green, parent of Harry and Samuel talk to the children about her role as a Senior Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). She has been involved in this work for over 16 years and as well as attending incidents such as car crashes and domestic fires, she has even delivered 15 babies. 

    Having attended primary school in Knebworth and then Secondary school in Welwyn Garden City, Mrs Green went to College and was working in Education in a Nursery. However she decided to change what she was doing because she felt she wanted to help people. So she retrained and after 18 month of training she became an Associate Ambulance Practitioner (AAP). She is now usually one of the first people on the scene of accidents to help the people and assess if more help is required from emergency services.  Mrs Green now even helps train students who want to join the profession. When asked by the children what her "Nugget of wisdom" would be, she said to keep trying to do whatever you want to do, if you keep trying you will always succeed, it might just take you a little longer, but don't give up!

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  • Latest Dreamcatcher assembly

    Published 19/12/18

    The last Dream catcher assembly of the Year saw Mr Reavell, from Barnwell School, talk to the children about the way in which he became a teacher. Mr Reavell told the children how he needed to show a lot of resilience and perseverance when he was younger when he was trying to pass his English GCSE as he took the exam 5 times.  He was so determined to pass the subject he even went to night school and had private tuition, but he knew how important having the qualification was as he wanted to become a teacher. When he eventually passed he was able to got to Middlesex University and train to be a teacher. Mr Reavell mentioned that although he had been in the same school for a long time, he has had a wide variety of jobs, such as Teach Design and technology, Exams Officer for the school, Assistant head of Year, Head of Year, Head of House, Head of Enrichment and because of this he never gets tired of his job. 

    Finishing off the assembly, Mr Reavell gave the children a nugget of wisdom, that he really felt would help them in their future and it was, "God things come to those who wait. Better things come to those who work hard for it."

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  • Latest Dream catcher from Divyen Thakkar

    Published 25/11/18

    Wow! What an interesting assembly that was. We didn't realise how much work, effort and testing went  into the Job that Mr Thakkar does. We were every fortunate to have the latest Dream catcher  hosted by Divyen Thakkar , who works for Transport for London as a Senior Software Test analyst. Mr Thakkar told the children about how he has helped Transport for London develop test analysis software for the Oyster card system , which entails devising a test programme that checks what happens when an Oyster card is presented for payment at a machine. The software makes sure that people aren't charged too much for the journey that they have made and takes into account thousands of different combinations such as the distances travelled so that a cap is placed on the amount a person can be charged.

    Mr Thakkar talked about how as  a child growing up in India he dreamed of being a pilot but when he moved to England, he developed his skills in software analysis. On a typical day he would attend a variety of meetings about how the software programming for the system was working.  To be successful in his job, he said he had to study hard and he did Maths, Science and Computing. As his nugget of advice for the children , he said that to be successful you need to follow your dreams and do something in work that you enjoy. 

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  • Latest Dream catcher assembly

    Published 18/11/18

    This weeks Dream catcher assembly saw students from Thomas Alleynes showcase some of the work they have been doing in school and sharing the ambitions they have for the future. Each set of children presented learning they had worked on at school but it was obvious from their enthusiasm that these were areas that they had a real passion for ,as each of the children mentioned how they spent some of their own time out side of school continuing their interests in these subjects. 

    First up was Jack, who studies Biology, Psychology and Physics, and he talked about the psychology of sport and how that  in his spare time he does a lot of sport. He was then followed by Zander , who studies  Computer Science, Maths and Physics. He wowed the children with a robot that he made himself and he showed the children how he controlled it with coding using Python. In his spare time he mentioned that he  makes things using computer science. Finally it was Jemma and Lucy, who study Biology , Chemistry and Physics. They  showed the pupils how static electricity could help light a fluorescent tube bulb by flowing through it, as shown in the picture above. It was no surprise that in their spare time they enjoyed doing scientific experiments. Just before the end of the assembly the students provided their  nugget of wisdom, which was something that all of them agreed with  that, "If you want to do something don’t stop trying and do it." 


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  • Dreamcatcher with Reverend Kate Sharples

    Published 25/10/18

    This weeks Dreamcatcher saw Reverend Kate Sharples share her experiences of work with the children.  She has worked in St Peters Church in Broadwater for the last 18 months. During the assembly she mentioned that she spends a lot of her time planning for a variety of services that include Weddings, Christenings and Funerals  and these involve lots  of paperwork. She also does a lot of work in a variety of schools with visits and assemblies , which she has to try and make sure  are fun for the children to enjoy.  At first Reverend Kate wanted to be a plant scientist  and although her work now is very different she  was able to full fill her dream because in her job she sometimes goes to the Old peoples homes or elderly peoples  houses and sometimes helps out by doing the  gardening.

    To finish off with Reverend Kate left the children with her nugget of wisdom, which was to “Follow your own dreams and try new things, just don’t give up!”   

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  • Roebuck Remembers

    Published 25/10/18

    With the Centenary of the end of the First World War  quickly approaching, the pupils of Roebuck Academy have created a poppy display at the front entrance of the school. Using recycled plastic bottles, the children have created a "field of poppies." This display will be added to as the week of remembrance draws closer, with other events and work to be done by the children  at school.

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  • Latest Dreamcatcher-Leanne Merrill

    Published 14/10/18

    Roebuck Academy hosted it's latest Dream catcher assembly, which saw Leanne Merrill,  who works for the Sun newspaper as a social media digital editor, tell the children about her work. Her job includes looking after the social media streams such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and as part of her job she makes short films to advertise certain features on these platforms. As part of her work she has also met a lot of celebrities at launch events and regularly "chats" to over 4 million followers on the various social media streams. To be able to do her job she said that she had to get good grades in Maths and English and she started out by hosting her own blog about makeup and hair. When asked what nugget of wisdom she would give the children, she said that to achieve success in whatever they wanted the children should not stop trying to get better in whatever they wanted to do.

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  • Harvest Festival- Monday 8th October

    Published 09/10/18

    Monday saw Roebuck Academy celebrate Harvest Festival with the kind help of Rev. Kate Sharples, who shared stories from the Bible that showed how important it was in sharing with others. The children were in fine voices singing their Harvest songs and the school was overwhelmed by the generous donations brought in by the children from home- many thanks for these! These donations will be passed onto a local Stevenage charity- Stevenage Vineyard Food Bank. 

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  • Parent Workshops

    Published 09/10/18

    Many thanks for all of the parents who attended the Parent Workshops last week. Slides from the different Workshops have been placed on the PARENT SUPPORT area of the Website under the tab- WORKSHOPS

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  • Jeans for Genes day

    Published 19/09/18

    Please read the attached letter for more information about this event.

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  • First Dreamcatcher of the year- Laveena Betts

    Published 18/09/18

    Wow! What a wonderful start to the year. Our first dream catcher has been held on the 13/9/18 and presenting themselves today was Laveena Betts. Commonly known as Weenie.

    Laveena is a professional football coach and has loved this sport from age 5. Since a young age she has played football with a variety of people. In her primary years her ambition was to become a full time football coach. Laveena’s older brother played for a team and she aspired to be like him so she said to her parents, “Why can’t I play”. Her parents said she could give it a go and from then on Laveena loved football even more. Later on in life, Laveena applied for football academies such as Arsenal women’s team .  She was successful and she achieved her dreams and is now a children's football coach.

    Laveena’s nugget of wisdom is: Do what you love and follow your dreams!

    Written by Alexis and Georgia(Y6)

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  • Science week

    Published 10/07/18

    Thank you to Barnwell school, Thomas Allyene and Trotts Hill pupils for working with our Year 2 pupils to create this stunning display. During Science week the children learnt about food chains. They really enjoyed meeting and working with new friends from other schools. Many thanks to all the teachers and staff for their help on the day.

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