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  • Latest Dreamcatcher-Leanne Merrill

    Published 14/10/18

    Roebuck Academy hosted it's latest Dream catcher assembly, which saw Leanne Merrill,  who works for the Sun newspaper as a social media digital editor, tell the children about her work. Her job includes looking after the social media streams such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and as part of her job she makes short films to advertise certain features on these platforms. As part of her work she has also met a lot of celebrities at launch events and regularly "chats" to over 4 million followers on the various social media streams. To be able to do her job she said that she had to get good grades in Maths and English and she started out by hosting her own blog about makeup and hair. When asked what nugget of wisdom she would give the children, she said that to achieve success in whatever they wanted the children should not stop trying to get better in whatever they wanted to do.

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  • Harvest Festival- Monday 8th October

    Published 09/10/18

    Monday saw Roebuck Academy celebrate Harvest Festival with the kind help of Rev. Kate Sharples, who shared stories from the Bible that showed how important it was in sharing with others. The children were in fine voices singing their Harvest songs and the school was overwhelmed by the generous donations brought in by the children from home- many thanks for these! These donations will be passed onto a local Stevenage charity- Stevenage Vineyard Food Bank. 

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  • Parent Workshops

    Published 09/10/18

    Many thanks for all of the parents who attended the Parent Workshops last week. Slides from the different Workshops have been placed on the PARENT SUPPORT area of the Website under the tab- WORKSHOPS

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  • Jeans for Genes day

    Published 19/09/18

    Please read the attached letter for more information about this event.

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  • First Dreamcatcher of the year- Laveena Betts

    Published 18/09/18

    Wow! What a wonderful start to the year. Our first dream catcher has been held on the 13/9/18 and presenting themselves today was Laveena Betts. Commonly known as Weenie.

    Laveena is a professional football coach and has loved this sport from age 5. Since a young age she has played football with a variety of people. In her primary years her ambition was to become a full time football coach. Laveena’s older brother played for a team and she aspired to be like him so she said to her parents, “Why can’t I play”. Her parents said she could give it a go and from then on Laveena loved football even more. Later on in life, Laveena applied for football academies such as Arsenal women’s team .  She was successful and she achieved her dreams and is now a children's football coach.

    Laveena’s nugget of wisdom is: Do what you love and follow your dreams!

    Written by Alexis and Georgia(Y6)

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  • Science week

    Published 10/07/18

    Thank you to Barnwell school, Thomas Allyene and Trotts Hill pupils for working with our Year 2 pupils to create this stunning display. During Science week the children learnt about food chains. They really enjoyed meeting and working with new friends from other schools. Many thanks to all the teachers and staff for their help on the day.

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  • EYFS Sports Day

    Published 18/06/18

    After a cloudy start, the sun came out and smiled upon us as today was the EYFS sports day.

    The children started with a round robin of activities including football dribbling, bean bag throwing, jumping through hoops and catching a ball.

    The  children then concluded the session with 3 different races. The sprint, the hurdles (both under and over them) and finally the quoit race.

    Every single child did their best and they were all awarded a medal.

    Thank you to all the parents that came and supported the event including the RSA with the refreshment stall. A special mention to Mr Downie and Mr Moran for organising the event. Everyone loved it!

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  • Dreamcatcher with Michelle Westby

    Published 06/06/18

    The latest Dreamcatcher assembly was presented by Stevenage local  Michelle Westby, who achieved her ambition of being a stunt driver. Sharing with the children how she became a stunt driver for the live touring show "Fast and Furious Live," Michelle explained that her career path took her to doing jobs that would earn her the money to then realise her dream. Working hard as a project manager on a building site gave her the opportunity to save up the money to buy her dream car, which then allowed her to the follow her dream of learning how to be a drift driver and eventually drive cars for the famous live touring show. Michelle told the children to "dream big" and "dream to be anything that you want to be," but stressed that there would always be hard work and setbacks along the way.  To finish off with she showed us a promotional video of her driving her car at a track as well as giving the children the opportunity to see what her car was really like.

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  • Dreamcatcher with Lee Wilkinson

    Published 06/06/18

    The latest Dreamcatcher at Roebuck Academy saw actor and author Lee Wilkinson inspire the children with tales of how his career has transformed from a Physical Education Teacher, to actor to author.  As well as telling us about how he left school aged 15 and worked in a circus he shared how his career has developed and after a move to America he became and actor in stage plays. Having returned to the country after 20 years in America he has been involved in working for Warner Brothers at the Harry Potter Studios and more recently has turned his hand to being an author of children's books. He left the children with some sound advice for their futures by stating that they shouldn't listen to people who say they can't be what they want to be . Instead they need to be brave and dare to do what they want to do!

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  • What a lot of rubbish!

    Published 25/04/18

    Both Co-Chairs of the School Council attended a trip to Cavendish Road recycling centre today.

    As well as meeting and talking to the Mayor, Vanessa and Josh both found out all about the recycling that happens in Stevenage or more worrying, the lack of recycling that the residents of Stevenage currently do.

    Although a bit whiffy, they watched one of the trucks empty their loads full of recycling. We found out that each lorry has to return 3 to 4 times a day. We talked lots about what is currently been recycled and we also saw what could go in the landfill site.

    The school council are looking to work with the Eco club to see how Roebuck could improve our recycling habits.

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  • Dreamcatcher asssembly with Matthew Kennedy

    Published 19/04/18

    In todays dreamcatcher assembly  the children were joined by Matthew Studdert  Kennedy from the Shuttleworth collections. As well as telling us about the different exhibitions available at Shuttleworth, he informed us of how his career has developed from architect to teacher to head of education at the museum. He mentioned to the children how hard work and perseverance helped him achive  and that  his current job is so interesting because it incorporates  a variety of different skills from every subject you could think of- from english and maths to art, design and  foreign languages.

    He shared with the children that during his career he decided to change his job from being an architect to becoming head of education at Shuttleworth because he felt that he needed to do a job that he really enjoyed. One of his top tips for success was to, "choose a job that you love as you will never have to work a day in your life."

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  • Jamming with Ben Smith- Dream Catcher assembly

    Published 29/03/18

    Wow! What an amazing Dream Catcher assembly we had today! We were joined by Ben Smith who is a professional musician who comes from Hitchin. He played us some songs and we were all tapping our feet and singing along. Ben learnt to play the guitar at the age of 6 and always dreamed of being a professional musician. After 12 years of music lessons, and attending music college, he turned semi-professional and now plays in many different bands around the country entertaining lots of people. A really good example of how perserverance and determination can help you to reach your goals.

    Freddie in Year 6 also got up and sang a song with Ben. It was a very impressive performance and we certainly think we have a star in the making! You can see more performances by Ben by looking at his website


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