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Library Opens

On Monday, our newly revamped library opened for parents and children to use together. Many children were collected from school early so that they could visit the library with their parents and take out one of our new books. Children were inspired as they read information frames about all of their favourite authors; found cuddly toys representing characters from their favourite stories; searched through hundreds of new books filling the shelves; spent time looking at classes and teachers' recommended books; and found new genres such as Graphic Novels. Watch this space as our library is still going through some develpmental work - new furniture and wall paintings arrive soon.

The library now opens to families both after school on a Monday and before school on a Wednesday. we also have a team of superb Year 5 Librarians who will always be o hand to help you and guide you so that you can easily find a book of your choice and one that excites you.

A big thank you to Mrs Thomas and a team of TAs and parents who helped revamp the library and give you what you see today.