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First Dreamcatcher of the year- Laveena Betts

Wow! What a wonderful start to the year. Our first dream catcher has been held on the 13/9/18 and presenting themselves today was Laveena Betts. Commonly known as Weenie.

Laveena is a professional football coach and has loved this sport from age 5. Since a young age she has played football with a variety of people. In her primary years her ambition was to become a full time football coach. Laveena’s older brother played for a team and she aspired to be like him so she said to her parents, “Why can’t I play”. Her parents said she could give it a go and from then on Laveena loved football even more. Later on in life, Laveena applied for football academies such as Arsenal women’s team .  She was successful and she achieved her dreams and is now a children's football coach.

Laveena’s nugget of wisdom is: Do what you love and follow your dreams!

Written by Alexis and Georgia(Y6)

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