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Dream Catcher 13.2.2020 Alison Leavy

On Thursday 13th February, we were visited by Alison Leavy.

Alison is a Bio-chemist and works at company called Life Ark. She has been working there for 40 years and loves her job and science. She trained as a Bio-chemist however, she mostly works with cells. Alison has lived in many countries and has helped many different people.

Alison went to a primary school in South London, Croydon. After spending 3 years at university and finishing a degree, she left at the age of 18. Although she didn’t have a dream at school, Alison thought about what she could actually do. To do her job, she had to be good at maths, science, problem solving skills and perseverance.

At 8 o’clock every morning, Alison heads to her lab. To enter the lab, you have to wear a white cloak, special glasses and white latex gloves. She meets new people most days and makes their good ideas work. Alison conducts many experiments which could each take from one hour to six months. There is also a glass wall so people can look inside the lab without being to close. Now they have robots in the laboratory, and in the afternoons, Alison works in an office of computers.

Her nugget of wisdom was, “The most important thing is to try everything, take all of your opportunities and never give up!”