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Kingswood Arrival

Well Kingswood 2016 has definitely started, with the excited children really rising to the challenge in the afternoon with their first taste of life at West Runton. After a lovely journey the children settled well into the routine of making their beds, with some impressive efforts especially from Archie B- very efficient! With a lot of collaboration going on, eventually everyone managed to complete the task.

The children then enjoyed their first activities of Caving and Archery. Group M sunk to new depths in the caving system, which had quite a bit of water, after some rain in the week. Miraculously some children managed to stay relatively dry. Apparently a new technique of crab scuttling through the cave was demonstrated by out PE specialist (Miss Carter) and others followed suit. Not everyone however managed to stay as dry with two boys, whose names are rather similar, demonstrating effective army crawling through the obstacles and puddles underground.  All children went through the cave, and came out the other side without too much fuss.

Meanwhile group N managed to master the art of archery in the indoor shooting range. All children managed to hit the target on numerous occasions, with some expert shots really showing others how it should be done.

Evening entertainment saw the children enjoy a rather wet pool party followed by hot chocolate and a relatively early night.