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March 2018

  • Jamming with Ben Smith- Dream Catcher assembly

    Published 29/03/18

    Wow! What an amazing Dream Catcher assembly we had today! We were joined by Ben Smith who is a professional musician who comes from Hitchin. He played us some songs and we were all tapping our feet and singing along. Ben learnt to play the guitar at the age of 6 and always dreamed of being a professional musician. After 12 years of music lessons, and attending music college, he turned semi-professional and now plays in many different bands around the country entertaining lots of people. A really good example of how perserverance and determination can help you to reach your goals.

    Freddie in Year 6 also got up and sang a song with Ben. It was a very impressive performance and we certainly think we have a star in the making! You can see more performances by Ben by looking at his website


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  • Easter hat competition

    Published 28/03/18

    Thank you to all 80 entrants that amazed the school council yet again this lunch time.

    School is about learning but also about creating happy memories for children to fondly remember when they are older. This event certainly showed their creative side and was lovely to see them all smiling while posing for their pictures. They said that they enjoyed making them.

    Winners will be announced in tomorrow's assembly.

    Well done to everyone though!

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  • Easter egg competion

    Published 27/03/18

    The school council had a really tough job this lunchtime with the judging of the Easter egg competition.

    Everyone was amazed and overwhelmed with the creativity and hard work that everyone had put into their design.

    Well done to all the entrants - it really was a tricky decision for the children. All winners will be announced on Thursday.

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  • Roebuck Reading Buddies

    Published 20/03/18

    Year 4 and 5 reading buddies were very excited this week as they got to go and visit their Year 10 reading buddy at Thomas Alleyne school. Once they arrived, they were shown to the school library where they enjoyed catching up with their buddy and sharing how successful they had been at meeting their reading target that they set in February.

    A little while later, they got the opportunity to browse the library shelves and discuss their favourite books whilst picking up some tips from their buddys. To finish the session, children set themselves some aspirational targets to try and meet with their reading by the time the next reading session takes place in June.

    The children left feeling very motivated. "I enjoyed meeting my reading buddy again and I loved going to Thomas Alleyne. I am going to try hard to meet my target."

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  • Children are inspired by another Dream Catcher assembly.

    Published 20/03/18

    Last Thursday, we were really lucky to be joined by Zara Richards - a dance teacher from Stevenage who is also a professional dancer. Jayden in Year 3 recommended Zara as he goes to her street dancing class every week. Zara began by showing us her showreel which showed her appearances on Britain's Got Talent as well as numerours appearances on TV adverts and music videos supporting famous artists such as Tinie Tempah and Cher Lloyd.

    After asking her many questions, we discovered that Zara had always wanted to be a dancer from the young age of 5 and that with hard work and determination she had successfully managed to make her dreams come true. She works long hours and shows a real committment to her profession.

    Many children were left feeling really inspired. Grace in Year 5 said, "She's inspired me by not giving up so I'm not going to give up on my dream either." At Roebuck we all tell our children to dream, believe and then you will achieve! Thank you Zara for showing us an excellent real life example of this.

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  • Choir sing at the Royal Albert Hall

    Published 11/03/18

    On Sunday 11th March, 19 members of the school choir were up bright and early and at school (7.20am to be exact), ready to get on a bus to London. After a fairly quick journey, we arrived at the Royal Albert Hall eagerly awaiting rehearsals for the Hertfordshire School’s Gala: If I had wings. The event was a celebration of singing and instrumental music with live art and dance. Mrs Thomas and Mrs Howard were left slightly star struck when we saw James Mayhew and Michael Rosen who were both taking part in the performance – Michael in fact wrote the words for the songs and narration. Unfortunately we didn’t get the opportunity to speak to them – or grab them for a Dream Catcher assembly!

    After two hours of rehearsals, the time came for the performance. The choir were AMAZING! Miss Whitfield, Mrs Thomas and Mrs Howard are so proud of the children’s commitment to learning all of the songs over the last few months and of the effort that they put into their performance. A huge thank you to all of the children - and to their parents for coming to support them and giving up their Mothering Sunday.

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  • Strange item found in EYFS garden

    Published 05/03/18

    There were strange things happening over the weekend at Roebuck Academy including a strange finding in the EYFS outdoor area!

    Reception were in the middle of their maths lesson, when they first saw what they thought was a nest. They were looking outside, using positional language to try and create a map of the new outdoor area when some eagle eyed children spotted large footprints heading to the corner of the grass area.

    Upon closer inspection, we found a large nest with some interesting possessions inside. A sword, some sore throat sweets, plasters, a bandage, some peppermints, princess shoes and bag and a golden star.

    The nest created lots of discussions of who could have built it. Could it be a dinosaur? Could it be a dragon? Could it be a bird? Could it be a dragonbird? Was it a person or another sort of animal?

    Hopefully we will find out more during the week!

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  • Caught on Camera! Have you seen the Roebuck Dragon?

    Published 05/03/18

    Today we had a very interesting start to the week with a special assembly called by Mr Mari. Mr Graham had spotted some unusual activities on the school's CCTV cameras at the weekend - a dragon flying around the school! After sharing the footage with Years 2-6, a few of the teachers commented that they had noticed some strange occurences such as: foot prints in the snow;the ground vibrating just across the road from school; the school hall being left in a mess and Mr Downie finding the KS2 corridor extremely hot this morning!

    Just as teachers finished sharing their observations, Mrs Thomas interrupted the assembly as Martin Elvery from the Comet had turned up to ask questions following reports of unusual sightings in Stevenage over the weekend. The teachers were all interviewed by Martin for the newspaper and children also commented on things they had noticed over the weekend. Mr Mari and Mr Graham had checked the school first thing this morning and we were all told that the dragon has definitely gone.

    So, assured by the knowledge we were all safe, we eagerly went back to our classrooms to discuss the assembly further. Year 5 have been looking at a dragon book Dragonology from the library, Year 2 have been drawing pictures of the dragon and Year 6 did some drama based on a story Miss Thomas found about a dragon. We are looking forward to a fun week writing stories and carrying out more activities based on Dragons - whilst keeping an eye out for the dragon of course!

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  • Book sale on World Book Day

    Published 01/03/18

    The RSA and school council joined forces to bring Roebuck a great book sale despite the freezing and snowy conditions.

    Thank you to all those that came and had a browse and purchased some amazing books.

    We are looking to do another book sale when the temperatures are above zero.

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  • RSA Valentine Disco

    Published 01/03/18

    A huge thank you to the RSA for organising another great disco.

    The children loved the visit from Chase (Paw Patrol). Well done to all the children for all their amazing dancing.

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  • Love in a box

    Published 01/03/18

    The school council would like to say a big thank you to everyone that donated to 'Love in a Box'.

    The school council are very proud to be part of the school parliament and community projects such as Love in a box can only happen with your support. The donations were collected by the food bank and distributed to families in need.

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