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November 2019

  • Dream Catcher 24.10.19 Sam Allnutt

    Published 26/11/19

    On Thursday 24th of October we met a lovely lady named Sam Allnutt who came and talked to us about her job and what she does.

    Sam told us that she works for The Dogs Trust and how she rescues dogs no matter what breed they are. She also told us that she works every weekday (Monday to Friday) from 8am to 4pm - that gives her a total of 37 hours a week! Can you imagine working with dogs of all kind for 37 hour a week?

    Sam told us that they get 84 dogs a day - that is 15000 dogs per year! Even though she works with many dogs and has so many to look after, she also has her own little French Bull dog to look after on top of all the other dogs she rescues and takes care of. During the assembly, she told us what some of the medicines that she gives the dogs do - they treat worms and fleas.

    Sam has always wanted to work with animals from a young age. They are something that she has been really passionate about all of her life. The nugget of wisdom she gave the children of Roebuck Academy was to find your passion in life and pursue it. Don’t worry about what other people are doing – do something you believe in and which makes you happy.   

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  • Dream Catcher 7.11.19 Jason Ejimadu

    Published 14/11/19

    On Thursday 7th November, we were joined by Jason Ejimadu. 

    He is a scientist who works at GSK in Stevenage.

    Jason has been doing his job for 14 years. He carries out tests on different medicines to make sure that they are safe for human consumption and that they effectively treat the intended diseases/ infections. Jason has helped create medicines that have treated respiratory and heart problems and ones which try and beat cancers.

    Jason was born in Wembley. He then moved to Nigeria and went to school and university there. When he was younger, in Year 5, he knew he wanted to be a scientist and help other people. He trained for 4 years in his job before he was able to work independently.

    Throughout his work, Jason needs to use a range of skills such as concentrating, analysing, reading, measuring and writing. He spoke to us about the importance of learning these skills well at school.

    Jason’s nugget of wisdom for us was to focus on what you want to be and go for it. Always try your hardest and work hard and you will achieve what you want to do.

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  • Dream Catcher 17.10.19 Tracy Collings

    Published 14/11/19

    On Thursday 17th October we met Tracy Collings.

    Tracey’s job is a Beauty and Holistic Therapy Lecturer at North Herts College. She teaches students how to give people massages, facials and do make up. She uses hot stones to give people hot stone massages too. Tracy told us about the importance of looking professional in her job which means you are not allowed to wear earrings, watches or nail polish. Her job can involve long hours on her feet and giving massages can be hard work!

    She is from London but moved to Stevenage later in life. She works in Hitchin. She has been doing her job for over 20 years and started her beauty career as a therapist in a spa. Tracy was then given the opportunity to train to be a teacher.

    We also learnt that Tracy loves horses and owns some of her own. She enjoys riding them and has even learnt to do equestrian massage!

    Tracy’s nugget of wisdom for us was to find something you enjoy doing and believe in yourself and your abilities.

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